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Great and exciting job on the reveal. Wish I could have been there. Though I think some tweaks are needed.

Initial thoughts - it all comes off a little too 'ricer' for me. The rear is much better than stock, though skips a diffuser altogether - and that could have slimmed the look a bit. It looks too fat from behind. The backup lamps look out of place as well as the SHELBY lettering (on the bumper - wtf?) I know the front 2-piece will be made 1-piece though it still looks a bit overdone. The rockers look slapped on. The 20" Cragar wheels will be 19" on delivery, but I'm not a fan. I didn't like the Cragars on the original either. And way too much 'GT350' all over. Get it off the hood - and why is GT350 needed twice within a foot on the side? Leave it on the rocker - and change the badge to '5.0' or 'Powered by Ford'.

Overall - too much effort in incorprating all years of GT350. I thought it should be more an homage to the 45th anniversary of the original.

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