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Question Funk on the window...what from?

Hey all...

I've actually cleaned all my windows on the inside with straight ammonia because they were kinda funky (like a streaky haze) when I got the car. I figured it was either smoke or possibly they used chemical glass cleaner or something (like in the can, not like Windex).

I tried Windex several times, but a soon as I'd wipe it dry, it seemed to almost only smear the streaks...that's why I did straight ammonia. The only way I got it to work was wipe it quick with ammonia on a paper towel and then take a separate dry paper towel and rub it dry/clean. Not wipe...but almost rubbing it dry.

However, I've noticed after a few days to a week, the haze comes back. I also am getting two "long" streaks from the bottom of the windshield going up towards the top at the right and left sides where the ends of the defroster vents are in the dash. I'm thinking this usually happens when I have the AC on. Also remember it's been 105+ out here and the car sits out all day long in the sun when I'm at work.

I've heard rumors this could possible be the leather still "gassing" because it's hot in the car. Is that possible considering it's a '96? It's a one owner car (well, two now. LOL) out of Oregon, but I don't know if it was consistently garaged or what.

The rear window also gets "hazy (along with the side windows) after a while.

Could this mean any type of problem with the AC? Like it's leaking or something when it's on or is it just a wonderful combo of 105+ temps and me cooling it down with the AC?

Any help would be appreciated.

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