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Dragon Run

Dear Cobra Owners,
Since I haven't been a member for very long, I asked several Tennesseans about "Where is the dragon run?"

I have been told that it lies on U.S. 129 south of Maryville, TN between Tapoco, NC and Topton, NC (ending at US 19/74). {A word to the wise: This is a very hazardous road where 100's of motorcycylists and car owners have driven off the mountain and died! You may need to increase your life insurance policy before you drive it--and say "goodby to your loved ones!"} I have heard of horror stories about those who have died trying to beat the Dragon. It is said that you should concentrate on the road and remember you are on a "roller-coaster" roadway where you won't leave 3rd gear.

Anyway, I'm going b/c at 60 years old, I want to ride the Dragon b/4 I die!!!

---Signed "Life in Your Hands," MMX King Cobra
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