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I've only been out in TT warmups (and instructors groups-got certified last year), having just gotten my check ride. But it's something that will happen sometimes. You can be out there with a Miata and catch him at the wrong time. Of course, you can be a pylon for a TTU Vette also. LOL
The idea is to spread out, hold back, do what you need to get that one clean lap. It may take a bunch to do that.

Here's a couple links to our entry lists for the last 2 events last year (VIR and Summit Point). They'll show you our class makeup.

Octoberfast 2009 Participant List

The second one is an HPDE and TT event only, something Chris is trying to give HPDEers more track time. It worked as an experiement, but he says they can't make enough at it to do them very often.

In my case, most of what's bumping me to TTB (from TTC) is 9" wheels, BFG R1s, and a few suspension mods. I could sure use some more power to go with them, but it's not in the budget, and the car's real well balanced now..i.e.-safe and fun to drive.
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