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If you are looking for 425 RWHP, that is easly attainable with a Vortech or pretty much any turbo kit. It really depends on what brand the turbo kit is. The 94\95's have hyper pistons, they can hold the power but any detonation will put a hole in them, so the tune is extremely important to get right. Being a stock engine, keeping the boost down to below 8 is a must. Yes, most twin tubo kits ususally require a tubulat K member. If you have the ablity to install the turbo kit, then you probly can change out the K member, it's removing the entire front suspension and replacing it with new pieces.
Also, you having a vert would need to have the chassic stiffened, sub frame matrix. You would have to have to have a dyno tune to be safe on the stock motor.
More info on the turbo. Shop would depend on your location. How much for the kit? Hmmm.

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