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Matt's Rides - tales of many losses

A kill story of a different kind. LITERAL killing of vehicles.

Okay, so in my last thread I mentioned my friend Matt & his Super Jetta. Matt has a history with cars... a torrid history. At age 21 he has buried more vehicles than any young man I know.

Vehicle 1: Mom's Taurus. He souped up the family car by simply turning it into the CLi model. CLi-Taurus. Hope you got that one. No. It's no joke. He really made his car a cli torus. The Taurus had a short life. Transmission lost from multiple Dukes of Hazard jumps. One I remember vaguely. I was drunk & unconscious in the back seat, woke up & recall the trees passing the car going from back to front. Matt was looking over his shoulder steering the car backwards after jumping it onto an icy road. Controlled landing, think not. We survived, only hit a snow bank. Taurus didn't last much longer.

Vehicle 2: 86 Trans Am. Good job Matt. American Muscle. Except you had to enter the car from the rear hatch if locked & start it w/ a screw driver. Yes, Matt was nearly arrested many times for starting his own vehicle (mistaken for theft). The T/A only lasted a few months as he was T-boned by a Vette. Hoorah. 2 GM vehicles down in 1 kill. Somehow, Matt was found at fault. Not sure how, but people w/ money & vettes are funnly like that.

Vehicle 3: Olds Delta 88. AKA the TANK. This thing looked like Mr. Sopprano drove it to carry bodies to the Hudson. Fuggetabout it! No exhaust. Bald tires. But it would not die. Matt drove THRU a Grand Am. This time he DIDN'T get the ticket. G/A totalled. Delta needed 1 whack to the fender. It was retired to Matt's back yard. Out of boredom before the wrecker came we tried to blow the motor... damn thing never tossed a rod. I swear it was Christine!

see next post for more....
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