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I briefly considered an STi last year but then I test drove a Cobra for a weekend. Where do you see any foreign cars on this list?

Vehicles owned:

1986? Malibu Classic (chevy), 1987 Cutlass Salon (Olds), 1988 Tbird Sport ( ), 2 1993 Escorts ( ), 1994 Tbird LX 4.6 ( ), 1995 Tbird LX 4.6 ( ), 1996 Ranger XLT ( ), 1987 Tbird TurboCoupe ( ), 1994 Aerostar XLT AWD ( ), 2003 Taurus SEL Centennial ( ), 2004 SVT Cobra ( ) [on loan from my 5yr old son until he is old enough to drive - or so he thinks!]

In 1990 the stupid Mazda dealer that had the '88 Tbird Sport kept trying to get me to buy a '90 MX-6. I let them talk me into driving it for a few days and it made my wifes 1985.5 escort seem like a luxury car in comparison.

Point was it is not the smartest idea to give a kid who just got his license a brand new car. The first year he had the car it spent as much (or more) time in the body shop as it did on the road. We had another friend's father tell a group of 100+ of us one day that he had just bought his son a new Mustang GT for his 16th birthday and if any of us saw him driving irresponsibly we were supposed to notify him immediately. Yeah right. Like a group of 16-19 year olds is going to do that.
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