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Originally Posted by RF Cobra
Point was it is not the smartest idea to give a kid who just got his license a brand new car. The first year he had the car it spent as much (or more) time in the body shop as it did on the road. We had another friend's father tell a group of 100+ of us one day that he had just bought his son a new Mustang GT for his 16th birthday and if any of us saw him driving irresponsibly we were supposed to notify him immediately. Yeah right. Like a group of 16-19 year olds is going to do that.
I tell ya....i NEVER understood what motivated parents to buy their newly licensed kiddies new cars (other then an excess of money, which i know we ALL suffer from ). I saw the exact same thing when I was in HS 5 years ago, and i was like...parents are crazy! Once kid STARTED with an RX-7 with like, 2000 miles on it. After wrecking that, he managed to pick up another cheap little trinket called a 300ZX (brand new condition, of course). After pullin that one out infront of a semi (and amazingly walking away), mom and dad decided that they'd better quit givin him nice lets just step him down a 94 Supra. .

I tell ya...I couldn't agree more then sayin to give um the family $2000 junker and a cell phone . See how they treat it and drive it, and then go from there once they graduate from HS...if yur still feelin obligated, that is
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