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VIR Track Policies

Alcohol – Beer and wine are available for sale at our concession stands. Beer in coolers is permitted for individual consumption. The Commonwealth of Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Board governs sale, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. VIR requires that all individuals consuming alcohol do so responsibly while maintaining orderly conduct.

Asphalt – Pounding stakes or making holes in any asphalt surface or the use of paint or spray markings of any type on any asphalt surface is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected. VIR requests anyone refueling in the paddock use a drip pan to catch spilled fuel. Any fuel spills on pit road must be immediately diluted with Cold Fire. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you must have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands. NO EXCEPTIONS! Violators are subject to a $500 fee per damaged/marked area.

Bicycles – Children are strongly discouraged from riding bikes, roller blades, skates, skateboards and scooters in the Paddock during hot track hours. Children may be permitted to ride them at the end of the day if they do so safely. Children may ride them on the Skid Pad if it is not being used during the day.

Camping – VIR Club members and the Track Renter’s principal contact person (as identified in Exhibit B) are entitled to camp at VIR at no charge. Participants may camp at VIR only if the camper (motor home, tent or trailer occupant) pays VIR a camping fee of $35 per weekend per tent or $50 per weekend per RV or camper. Camping passes must be displayed at all times. Further, camping will be allowed during Event evenings only if Renter pays VIR for overnight security. The amount of security needed for overnight camping is at VIR’s discretion. Camping is not permitted in any of VIR’s buildings, under the False Grid or Pavilion. A Group Camping rate may be arranged, at VIR’s discretion, if requested in advance by Renter. Advance reservations are strongly suggested for premium camping spaces. For detailed information see the Camping Information section on the VIR website.

Campfires – Campfires/Ground fires are not allowed. Fires must be contained in a portable and self-contained fire pit off the ground. Campers must bring their own firewood; use of VIR Property as firewood is prohibited. Open fires of any type are not permitted in a Paddock area at any time.

Canopies – Canopies or “EZ-Ups” will not be placed in front of any tent or facility designated as a hospitality area. Additionally, they will not be placed within 50 feet of any fence in a spectator area unless a specific spectator area has been roped off. In this case, canopies or “EZ-Ups” can be placed anywhere outside of the roped-off spectator viewing area.

Cars & Motorcycles – No one under 16 years of age may operate a car or motorcycle anywhere on VIR premises without VIR’s prior written approval. In addition, anyone operating a car or motorcycle must have a valid operator’s license and liability insurance, as required by Virginia law. There may be special exceptions to this rule for licensed racers and the Renter must notify VIR should it seek such an exception.

Charitable Groups – The primary charitable groups VIR works with are: Salvation Army, Victory Junction and Boys & Girls Club. Any charitable group that would like to propose a charitable event should call Crista Walker at 434-822-7700 x116 to request a Charity Event Application form.

Children – Children under 18 years of age must be closely supervised by a responsible adult.

Cook Outs – Individual cooking is allowed on a gas stove or on a grill in the paddock and at campsites. Grills and pit cookers cannot be used to feed Participants or groups at an Event.

Course Direction – At all times, course direction is clockwise on North, South, Full and Grand Courses. The Patriot Course is run counter-clockwise only.

Disposal of Waste Fluid and Environmental Debris – Use of the waste drums is mandatory for used oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and other polluting material. Spillage will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the facility. Participants must remove all used tires, batteries and unwanted parts. Environmental debris left behind will result in fines to the Renter.

VIR does not accept Chlorinated Brake Cleaner on property. If you have questions please contact Kerrigan Smith at 4334-0822-3108.

Electricity – VIR Club members and the Track Renter’s principal contact person (as identified in Exhibit B) are entitled to one paddock electrical hookup per event at no charge. Any Participant wanting to use a VIR receptacle for electricity must pay a $25 fee per Event. Participants are issued a specific Power Band for the weekend. The Power Band will be secured around the electrical cord end that plugs into the power source. At various times during events, Security Personnel will check for Power Bands. Those cables without the proper band will be disconnected from the power source. Violators will receive one warning. VIR encourages all participants to utilize a power generator whenever possible. Additionally, if you utilize Paddock space and are using a generator, we request that you park on the outer edges of the grid to allow access for those purchasing electricity. If there are issues with Power Pedestals contact VIR Security or Maintenance. Tampering with the pedestals is prohibited.

Emergency Information –

In an emergency, Security can be reached at 434-822-3109. Lodging guests at the Lodge and the Pit Lane Rooms can use the emergency phones located at those facilities which ring directly to the Security Gate House. Security is available 24/7.

False Grid and Pavilion – The false grid is reserved for use by the Track Renter at all times. Its use is for staging cars/motorcycles prior to entry on the track. Parking is prohibited in the false grid and the Pavilion (next to the Skid Pad) at all times. Displays set up in the Pavilion that requires the use of a vehicle must have the consent of VIR. Absolutely no jacks or jack stands are allowed in either location for staging or displays. Camping and Vehicle Maintenance are not allowed under the False Grid or Pavilion at any time.

Fences – Fences and areas behind spectator fences are off limits to the public. At no time is anyone authorized to climb a fence or bypass a gate.

Fire Lane – Fire Lanes in each Paddock will remain clear at all times. This includes the “No Parking” lane in front of the Pagoda in the North Paddock, and South Paddock Timing Tower.

Fireworks – Fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the grounds.

Fuel – VIR has an exclusive relationship with Sunoco Race Fuel. Renter shall not bring any other fuels into VIR for sale without prior written permission from VIR. Renter shall ensure that its Participants do not bring 55 gallon drums or other fuel containers on the VIR Property unless they are empty and used at the Property for filling with fuel purchased at VIR.

The only exception is Participants are permitted to bring up to 20 gallons of fuel in acceptable containers to the track without penalty. Credits cards are the only form of payment accepted at the fuel pumps in the North Paddock. For special Events where Sunoco is distributing fuel separate from the fuel pumps in the North Paddock, the only form of payment accepted will be by check. VIR will not enforce any restrictions against fuel grades we do not carry. Bulk fuel may only be delivered to and stored at the fuel pump island in the North Paddock. The following fuel octanes are available for credit card purchase only: 93 unleaded which may contain up to 10% ethanol, 98 unleaded (260 GTX) which is ethanol-free (for off-road and racing applications only), 100 unleaded which may contain up to 10% ethanol, and 110 leaded which is ethanol-free (for off-road and racing applications only). For more information, go to the VIR Fuel page.

Garages – VIR has 18 Paddock Garages on site. Garages include the Paddock space for one trailer to park directly in front of the reserved garage. There is no refueling or storage of any fuel in the garages. If a garage is an open bay garage, the renter is authorized only the space for a single garage. If they wish to use the additional space and it is not already rented, they can rent the additional space. Sleeping/Overnight stays are not permitted in the Garages; the Pit Lane Room above each garage is available for an additional fee. For reservations, call 434-822-7700 x101.

Gate Hours – The main gate is generally open 24 hours. Participants are not allowed into the Paddock before 5:30 p.m. on the day before your Event.

Golf Carts – Golf carts can be rented from the front desk of the Administration Building between the tentative hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Golf carts can be reserved in advance by calling the VIR Operator at 434-822-7700 x300. Golf cart keys may be returned to the back porch of the Administration Building in the drop box located to the right of the doors. Please Park Golf Carts in the grass by the Golf Cart Pen. Click here for details on reserving a golf cart.

Off-Road Areas – The off-road areas within VIR are not authorized for use without prior written approval of VIR.

Off-Road Vehicle Policy – ATVs, golf carts and other off-road vehicles must be licensed by VIR. They must have lights and mini-bikes must have a minimum seat height of 21 inches. Owners can purchase a license/permit for a fee of $25, which is valid for the current season. Licenses/permits can be purchased at either the front entrance gate or Administration building. Off-Road Vehicle owner, operator and/or entrant:

Acknowledges and agrees that the vehicle shall be operated in compliance with the vehicle manufacturer’s operating instructions and/or industry standards, including those regarding riding/driving position and number of passengers.
Hereby assumes full responsibility for and assumes the risk of any bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of or related to the use of said vehicles, whether caused by the negligence of owner and/or their operators, Racetrack, off -road vehicle operators or otherwise.
Acknowledges and agrees that all operators of said vehicles shall be at least 16 years old, have a valid state-required driving license and carry adequate general liability insurance applicable to the operation of their off-road vehicles and that all operators shall provide such license, proof of insurance and other applicable credentials upon the request of a Racetrack or event official.
Hereby acknowledges that the use of motorized off-road vehicles is dangerous and involves the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage.
Acknowledges that all registered off-road vehicles MUST display the owner’s current Off-Road Vehicle Registration Sticker provided by VIR on the front left (Driver’s) side of the vehicle. Stickers are not transferable.
Agrees that the off-road vehicle will be operated in a responsible manner and according to all additional Racetrack regulations and instructions including, but not limited to, posted speed limits, hours of and allowed locations for operation.
Acknowledges and agrees that unsafe or improper operation of the off-road vehicles and/or any violation of regulations and instructions may, at the sole discretion of Racetrack, result in penalties against the owner and/or operator including, but not limited to, immediate impoundment of the off-road vehicle, loss of racing privileges for the day for a first offense, and for the season for the second offense.

Parking Areas – Vehicle parking at VIR will vary per Event and will be directed by either Event Personnel or by Security Personnel. VIR requests that all Participants, Spectators and Guests obey all posted “No Parking” signs; do not block gates, garage doors or roadways at any time. If the Skid Pad entrance road is blocked with cones, it is not available for public parking. VIR reserves the right to ask any vehicle owner in violation to move their vehicle or it will be towed at the owner’s expense. Participants who require extended parking will complete the form provided by Security, giving credit card information, and will park their vehicles in Raceplex as directed by Security.

Pets – VIR discourages bringing pets to the track. However, pets will be allowed if they are leashed and cleaned up behind. Otherwise, VIR will locate the owner and both will be asked to leave. Do not take leashed pets onto False Grid or pit areas. Pets are not allowed in any of VIR’s buildings, concession areas or lodging locations. If pets are found in lodging locations, guests are subject to a cleaning fee of $100 for The Lodge at VIR and the Pit Lane Rooms and $200 at The Villas at South Bend.

Photography – All non-commercial photography is allowed at VIR for Public Events. During track rentals and events, photographers are authorized to be inside of specified fences, entering via authorized entry points. At all times inside the fence, photographers will wear their issued vests for identification and remain inside the specified photo boundaries (orange markers); failure to do so may result in loss of privileges. Photographers who wish to sell their photos at the track must be approved and identified in the Track Renter’s Exhibit B. If a member of the media or a professional photographer needs photography credentials, they should contact Amber Noya at least 2 weeks prior to an event at 434-822-7700 x117.

Pit Lane Rooms and Paddock Garage Parking – The Grid in front of the Pit Lane Rooms and Paddock Garages will be lined off for parking in the following manner. The space immediately in front of the garage is reserved for the trailer and tow vehicle of the Garage Renter. Additional vehicles for the Renter must be parked the designated space or in other areas of the Paddock. There are no reserved parking spaces for Pit Lane Room Renters.

Pit Road – Only Participants and Crew are allowed to enter Pit Road. There are two entrance points in the North Paddock (Gates 11 and 12). Participants are identified by armband or identification card as issued by Renter or sanctioning body of a race. Minors are restricted from entering Pit Lane, unless they are a certified competitor in their racing vehicle or during scheduled Spectator events on Pit Lane. Refueling on Pit Lane is only permitted during scheduled racing events. All other times refueling must be done in the Paddock area.

Pit Wall – Painting or writing on pit lane and pit wall is prohibited. Standing on the Pit Wall is prohibited.

Quiet Hours – Quiet hours for the entire facility are from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. This includes all lodging and camping areas. VIR does ask that all guests be considerate of others and not play loud music. Any music that is determined to be a nuisance by Security must be turned down or off. Un-muffled engines must not be run between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Quiet hour is imposed on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.

Race Circuit Hours – When rented, the track is hot from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Right of Way – Drivers of any non-racing vehicle will yield the right of way to any Race Vehicle at all times on VIR property. Due to the constraints of safety equipment and vehicle design, drivers of racing vehicles may have limited visibility or mobility while operating their vehicle. Operators of racing vehicles must still obey posted speed limits and any other traffic control devices to include instructions from Security Personnel.

Shipping – The Renter is responsible for shipments to VIR by its Participants. The Shipping address for participants is:

Participant name
c/o TMI Racing Products LLC
1140 North Paddock Lane
Alton, VA 24520

Showers – The showers are located in the North Paddock main concession building restrooms, at the North Paddock grid barn, just outside the North Paddock entrance, and the South Paddock tech shed. Please be considerate regarding water usage and do not waste water in any way.

Skid Pad – The Skid Pad is for organized autocross events or parking only. Drifting is prohibited on the Skid Pad; all drifting events at VIR are conducted on the Patriot Course.

Smoking – Smoking in any VIR building is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Please place all extinguished cigarettes in the receptacles provided. Smoking is not permitted inside the “hot” fence of the track or on pit lane.

Speed Limits – Speed limit in the Paddock, in front of the Lodge and South Bend Road (Villas) is 15 mph. Speed limit on access roads is 25 mph. Off-road vehicles are subject to these limits also. All vehicles must stop at the gatehouse entry point and at any location where Security Personnel are posted. All Security personnel wear a shirt with the VIR Security logo on it while on duty or a green jacket during periods of inclement weather.

Start Tower – The Start Tower is for authorized personnel only.

Tire Warmers – When using tire warmers, no more than three will be hooked up to any power pole or in any garage at any one time. The use of more than three tire warmers will overload the circuit and trip the breaker.

Tow Eyes – It is strongly recommended (and required for non street-legal cars) that all vehicles have at least two (2) easily accessible and usable tow eyes on the front and rear of the car. They must not protrude dangerously from the car, and they must be accessible without manipulation of the bodywork or panels. They should be strong enough to support the weight of the car. If no tow eyes are available, the towing crew will hook onto other areas that may cause damage to the car. The towing crew will not be held responsible or liable for that damage. Again, TOW EYES ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Trailer Drops – On the day prior to your Event, trailer drops MAY be provided as a courtesy, at the track’s discretion. Trailer drops are typically allowed from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., but there are occasions when this is not possible, due to that day’s track rental. It is the Renter’s responsibility to inform its participants of these restrictions. Participants will not be admitted if they arrive early.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – – In accordance with FAA regulations, VIR does not permit the use of UAS for any type of commercial photography or videography at any time on the facility. UAS may be requested for private use photography or videography during events. Information or requests for use are made through the VIR Marketing Department, no later than two weeks prior to the event to Amber Noya at 434-822-7700 ext 117. Approved operators must obey all policies pertaining to photographers when inside the track fence. UAS will use approved Landing Zones and fly between 100 and 400 AGL at all times during flight. Click to learn more.

For the latest update on FAA Registration Rules for UAS click here.

Vendors – Any track vendors should contact Crista Walker at least 2 weeks before an Event at 434-822-7700 x116. Food vendors must contact Dwayne Willis at least 2 weeks prior to an event at 434-822-7700 x120.

VIR is a private facility and admission to the property is permitted only with VIR’s consent. General public access is restricted at all times.

VIR reserves the right to ask any person(s) that cannot honor these policies to please excuse themselves from VIR property.

Exclusion of a specific act or violation does not imply consent or approval on behalf of the track. VIR reserves the right to declare an act or activity in violation of policy in the best interest of VIR.

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