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Originally Posted by Turbotim45 View Post
I have used tire gloss and also a product called Perfect Purple which creates a nice shine and it seems to last longer than other silicone based products.

BTW, I have a 1998 chrome yellow mustang and I am in Greensboro...have lived in Kville in the past.

Question for you. What kind of wheels and what size are you using? I have a damaged wheel ( a little altercation with a curb). I want to go with 18 inch wheels and tires but there are so many to choose from.

Also, anybody found the best way to keep the stock wheels shining?

I, too, live in Greensboro area. I am running 95R wheels in silver. Depending on what kind of wheel you get for wheel care. I just wash mine with regular car wash, then put some Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant on them. 18 inch tires are pricey, so if money might be a issue, then you may want to look further into it.
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