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I still do not like the new mustang or the GT500. They are just butt ugly. I owned a '66 fastback, if I wanted a retro car I would buy another '65 -'68.

As far as the GT500 is concerned; bigger HP, bigger boost, bigger weight, bigger butt and bigger price tag. Perfomance numbers are about the same and the boost level on the '03 is less. As far as handling, the new platform has the upper hand, but just add some springs, CC plates, sub-frames, etc. to the '03/'04 and you are set.

Just my opinion, if you want one, go buy it. I will stick with the current SVT Cobras as long as I can, (is there a '03 Saleen Cobra in my future?) However, I do like the new Roush. Does anyone know when the Stage 3 will be available?

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