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Originally Posted by 03-246
Enjoyed your video...looks like Sunday's weather was a big improvement over Saturday. Jay and I had a blast running together on Saturday session #4...I think we saw you turned around in the grass near Oak Tree....not sure what happened. Any video from Saturday?
No video from Saturday...that spin was fun - I was braking hard coming up to 11 as always, but shifted to 3rd instead of the usual 4th to save a shift before 11a at Oak tree. I won't do that again. Ass came around and the momentum had me going backwards to the inside of 11. It was all in slow motion tho, didn't even cut any yellow either.

I was having a blast - finally got some Nitto NT01 track tires. I never had such good traction. I could actually use 2nd and 3rd. The NT01s let me keep speed thru turns like never before - and I could really get into the Baers, but still don't have that level of confidence to push it 100%. Lots of *****-footin due to lack of seat time, but still...I was doing 2:20s - when there wasn't a Porsche, Vette or M3 off the track with a yellow. What's a good time?

Some interesting stats...

The car is over 4300lbs with me in it - plus I start with 3/4 tank - and end with less than 1/4 - it burns thru more than 1/2 tank during a session - maybe 2-3mpg. 160+ on the back stretch, 150+ on the front, 110 up the esses. I'm asking a lot of the NT01s - they would heat up quickly and stick - then too hot and get greasy. I was doing a bit of drifting then - tho very predictable, controllable and consistant. I could finally do some steering with the throttle.

Tell you what tho - I can't wait to get out in the track turd...and leave the 500 in car shows. Don't want to push my luck.

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