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You can get the kit from Steeda or Maximum Motorsports ... don't remember if it includes different bushings or not. Better bushings will mean less play and more stiffness, but a pain to install. As Tazz said ... he didn't need spacers, but you might! Hopefully you won't as I had to go through a couple of different spacers before I found the minimum I needed and I had to change my studs. Nothing that is that hard, but a pain when trying to get the new tires & rims on!!

Don't know where Lawsonville is, but I have a set of 03 rims that are 10.5 in the back and I will be removing them just after the first of the year as I am now running 315's on all 4's. They have the Goodyear gsd3's on them and that is one of the widest tires. Maybe we could do a test ... who knows.
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