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Originally Posted by GProcac571 View Post
Tony include me for the banquet Saturday night. Now that I have to register by the 1st of November to get the discount I guess the cat is now getting out of the bag. I should receive my 2016 GT350R as of 9 November and this be the 1st track event with it for me. I can't wait to see how it really is in person and for everyone to experience it too. Heck half the fun! Talk about getting lucky!!
Congratulations on the car Greg. You better let me drive it so you do not feel so stressed. Remember I was your first instructor and you still have a lot to learn Grasshopper.

Tony, sent my info in for instructing. I'll be doing the banquet as well. An added benefit to the banquet is that you don't have to grill your own food in the late November evening cold.
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