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I have the same issue when passing the beams, maxing out 3rd gear. All of my runs were with stock components (including the shifter). I have made some changes but did not run last two years (waiting to rebuild the rear end) before I run again. Now I have the parts, and will soon have my project completed. Moving from 3.55 to 3.73 gears as well as replacing the differential.

The 4.10 may improve your ET's if you do not spin too much at launch and perhaps get you into 4th gear before the traps. I know my car is different in many respects but with the sloppy stock shifter and street tires I averaged mid 12's once I got familiar with running down the 1320.

If you made some changes to the intake, spark plugs etc... and if you have not erased the EEPROM you may be using old load tables and timing curves for the previous induction system used. Once the ECU has completed filling up the load tables (relating to A/F ratios and timing curves) it will no longer update the operating parameters. Even if you had a tune for your car, the ECU should still perform a relearn process based on sensor data to rebuild the load tables and A/F corrections with the new components after the EEPORM is erased. With that in mind, I am uncertain as to what happens to the stored EEPROM data when you load a custom tune into the ECU. I have recently reprogrammed my 04 to see if there was a noticeable difference to the factory tune but did not erase the EEPROM memory. I may try that to see what will happen, especially after changing the gears.
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