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220 is starting to get hot but again, unless it is spewing out coolant or not running right, it's NOT OVERHEATING. With a 192 thermostat, the temp should stay above 192. That's it's job. 195-205 is perfectly normal. 220 is still not too hot but I would say 230 is pushing it. I think the the high speed on the fan doesn't even come on until 230. When I first started road racing, my coolant temp would slowly creep up during the session. After about 5 or 6 laps, the temp would go past 230 and then I would slow down and let it cool for a lap. I've seen temps around 240 on track and still not had it spew coolant or act up. But that's definitely too hot.
Also, your laser temp gauge isn't the most accurate gauge either. Sure it is accurate at measuring surface temps but you don't know what the temp is on the inside.
Cover all the basics first:
1. Get a real gauge.
2. Make sure everything on the car is working properly (two speed fan, no leaks, flush the system, right coolant/water mix, add water wetter, etc)
3. Then think about mods to fix things (bigger radiator, manual fan switch, etc)
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