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NASA Texas AI/CMC 22/23 April Writeup!

Available in Word and PDF formats.


Written by Adam Ginsberg and Skip Smith

05 May 1006


Another round at MSR-C, and the points race is heating up!

NASA Texas AI/X and CMC racers came back to Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX ( for Round #3 of the 2006 season. With some racers not able to attend, the points chase for AI and CMC would change during this event. That, coupled with a change in the race format to a 40 minute race on Sunday, no one could predict a winner in any class!

+ 2 AI/CMC sprint races toward championship points
+ 1 AI/CMC 40 minute race in preparation for the NASA National Championships!
+ 1 practice session and 2 qualifying sessions
+ 6 total race group sessions and well over 2 hours of track time!
+ 23 AI/CMC cars (not including all the competition license folks)
+ 6 American Iron cars
+ 3 American Iron Xtreme cars
+ 13 CMC cars
+ 17 Mustangs
+ 5 Camaros
+ 2 Pontiac Firebirds
+ 2 AIX pole postion winners for the weekend – David Capps (Sat) and David Armstrong (Sun)
+ 2 AI pole position winners for the weekend – Team Pedersen/Marvel (Sat) and Matt White (Sun)
+ 2 CMC pole position winners for the weekend – Eric Varner (Sat) and Jeff Burch (Sun)
+ 2 AI winners for the weekend – Team Pedersen/Marvel (Sat R1) and Matt White (Sat R2 and Sun R3)
+ 1 AIX winner for the weekend – David Armstrong (Sat and Sun)
+ 2 CMC winners for the weekend – Jeff Burch (Sat R1, Sun R3) and Glenn Landrum (Sat R2).
+ A first in Texas American Iron Racing – the first woman to ever compete in Texas American Iron, rookie Amber Love, raced with the Texas AI field!
+ Parts breakage – was, fortunately, at an all time low. One oil line (Mosty), one clutch (Bell ), one hood (Varner) and one windshield (Varner).
+ A new award for the weekend – the Performance SpeedTech “Hard Charger Award” earned by the AI and CMC driver who gains the most positions in a race. Presented by AJ Petersen from

FRIDAY - A few folks were able to take advantage of a members day to get some track time. Eric Varner, Michael Mosty, Team Ginsberg/Cooke ran a few sessions to get ready for the coming weekend. Varner, in the red #17 CMC Mustang, learned a valuable lesson about hood pins – he forgot to set them, causing his hood to fly up! Damage to the hood, roof and windshield were the result. However, in typical Texas hospitality and with help from Bud Sharp and Adam Ginsberg, a new windshield was delivered to the track Friday night!

SATURDAY MORNING – The usual Saturday morning mandatory drivers meeting was held in preparation for the weekend of racing, with all the AI/X and CMC drivers in attendance.

Practice session got started soon thereafter, with Group 5 and Group 8 together. The AI/X and CMC crew headed out on track.

Qualifying began late Saturday morning, with the AI team of Pedersen/Marvel showing how it’s done by putting down a 1:21.671, just a few thousands off MSR-C track record of 1.21.648. Not far behind, Matt White, in the VT-Engine sponsored #97 Mustang tickled the timing loop with a 1:21.983, followed closely by David Donovan ( 1:24.052 ), Chris Lyons ( 1:24.440 ), Jeff Brooks (1.26.449), and Amber Love in the #27 Camaro with a 1:35.385.

In AIX, a new 2005 Mustang, driven by owner David Capps, hounded the lights and put the car on it’s first ever pole with a 1:26.674, followed by Rick McMahon, driving the #201 former-Grand Am Cup Steeda car with a 1:30.394. AIX drivers David Armstrong and Skip Smith missed the call to grid.

The CMC racers were equally hot on track – the #17 of Varner, with a carefully pinned down hood, scorched the pavement with a ripping 1:25.879. Jeff Burch, the current MSR-C track record holder, was only .3 behind with a 1:26.087. The rest of the CMC was equally close, showing lap times all within a second of one another.

SATURDAY’S RACE #1 – 23 AI, AIX and CMC cars gridded for the first race of the weekend, getting under way with a rolling start! The VT-Engined #97 got a great start, but the #91 3-Dog Racing was close on his back bumper! Chris Lyons, driving the #12 Maximum Motorsports #12, David Donovan, and Jeff Brooks all battled hard, swapping positions in an effort to chase down the AI leaders.

In AIX, the AACP #20 Mustang, now with more power and different bodywork, took a commanding lead over the other AIX cars, but Rick McMahon fought to stay close for his first ever race in Texas.

Front to back – Rick McMahon ( AIX #201 ), Jeff Brooks ( AI # 101 ), and Mitch Warren ( CMC #9 ). Image by David Donovan.

CMC, in ground pounding, door to door action, had a pack of cars so close, it was anyone’s guess who would cross the checker first.

With just a few laps to go, the #91 realized it was time to make a move – in a hard outbraking maneuver at the entrance of Rattlesnake, driver Chris Marvel took the lead away from rookie Matt White, and held on for their first win of the 2006 season!

AI Saturday race one podium (left to right): Matt White ( 2nd ), Chris Marvel ( 1st ) and Chris Lyons ( 3rd ). Image by David Donovan.
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Part II.....

The rest of the AI finishing order showed the Lyons in 3rd, David Donovan 4th, Jeff Brooks in 5th, and the first woman to race AI in Texas, Amber Love, in 6th.

AIX finishing order put the AACP Mustang of David Armstrong on the top step, followed by the TexaStar Ford/Motul/Frontier Farm and Ranch Mustang in 2nd, and Rick McMahon in 3rd.

For CMC, Jeff Burch took his first win of the 2006 season, with Varner, Warren, Bell, Landrum, Runyon, Liebbe, Patterson, Team Ginsberg/Cooke, Mosty, Scott Smith, Morgan Dawdy and Jerry McNeil rounding out the finishing order.

CMC Saturday race 1 podium ( left to right ): Eric Varner 2nd, Jeff Burch 1st, and Mitch Warren 3rd. Image by David Donovan.

The PST “Hard Charger Award” was presented to Chris Lyons ( AI #12 ) and Daron Cooke ( CMC #5 ) for gaining the most positions during this race.

SATURDAY RACE #2 – AI/X/CMC gridded for the final race of the day as an inverted rolling start from based on qualifying from earlier in the day.

A roller start from the NASA Race Director got things underway, with 23 Texas V8 racers charging for the first turn!

AI and AIX, making their way thru Big Bend. Image by David Donovan.

The #97 got a good jump on Chris Lyons, with David Armstrong close behind. Within a few laps, the 3-Dog Racing #91 make a clean pass on Donovan’s Maximum Motorsports #7 Mustang, making it stick, and began chasing down the 12 car. A mistake at the entrance of Rattlesnake put Team Pedersen/Marvel off in the marbles, with little time to catch up.

In CMC, rookie Daron Cooke, in the Maximum Motorsports/DownUnder Performance/Mayday Pest Control #5 Mustang began working his way thru traffic in an effort to catch the CMC leaders. Jerry McNeil in the US Army #44 Mustang performed a mild drift lesson, but kept his car on track. The #70 4th gen LG Motorsports/Moonlite Printing and Graphics/Natwell Welding Supply Camaro put the move on Mosty’s #11 Firestone Mustang, and continued charging towards the front. The #79 and #8 cars had an accidental bump, causing no damage, but both spun off track losing valuable positions.

At the checker, the AI podium was a complete Maximum Motorsports equipped affair! Matt White took the top spot, with Chris Lyons 2nd, David Donovan 3rd, Team Pedersen/Marvel 4th, Jeff Brooks 5th, and Amber Love 6th.

An all Maximum Motorsports podium! Left to right – David Donovan ( AI #7 ), Matt White ( AI #97 ), and Chris Lyons ( AI #12 ). Image by David Donovan.

In AIX, David Armstrong grabbed the checker, followed by Skip Smith in 2nd, and Rick McMahon in 3rd.

For CMC, the finishing order showed Glenn Landrum taking the win, Eric Varner in 2nd, Michael Mosty in 3rd, followed by Jeff Burch, Scott Smith, Team Ginsberg/Cooke, Mitch Warren, Nicholas Runyon, Rob Liebbe, Morgan Dawdy, Jerry McNeil and Mike Bell.

CMC podium. Left to right – Eric Varner ( CMC #17 ), Glenn Landrum ( CMC #70 ), and a first time podium finisher Michael Mosty ( CMC #11 ).

SATURDAY EVENING – With typical Southern hospitality, the AI/AIX and CMC racers all gathered around the BBQ of Mitch Warren as the brats, dogs, and burgers were grilled to perfection. Adult beverages were enjoyed, and bench racing was at an all time high as everyone had a great evening of camaraderie in the pits. Light turned to dusk, dusk turned to nightfall, the crowd thinned, with most making their way to various tents around the paddock in a quest for a good nights sleep.

SUNDAY RACE #3 – The Texas weather was ideal for Sunday's scheduled 40 minute warm-up race simulating the upcoming Nationals for the Lone Star State competitors. This is a first for the Texas Region, and game faces were evident on the twenty one drivers preparing for the day's race.
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Part III.....


Foreground – Skip Smith ( #69 AIX ), Adam Ginsberg ( CMC #5 ) and Mitch Warren ( CMC #9 ). Image by Mitch Warren.

The format was qualification followed by race. Qualifying AIX pole was David Armstrong, the 05' Texas AIX champ in his SN95 ACCP Mustang with a 122.3. Skip Smith, in his Performance Speed Tech TexStar Ford 05' Mustang qualified second, followed by David Love in his Camaro. Jason McMahon in the ex-Steeda World Challenge Mustang failed to qualify for his first AIX race.

In American Iron, Matt White, driving the #97 VT Engine Mustang earned the pole with a 1:22.415, followed by Chris Marvel, Chris Lyons, David Donovan and Jeffery Brooks, all in Mustangs.

CMC pole was Jeff Burch in his Royal Purple Camaro with a 1.25.763. Qualifiying second was 2005 CMC Champ Eric Varner in his Mustang, then Rob Liebbe in his Mustang. Qualifying fourth was Glenn Landrum in his 3rd Gen Chevy. Adam Ginsberg in his Mustang was set up at fifth, Micheal Mostly SN95 sixth, Nicholas Runyon in a Camaro seventh, Mitch Warren in his Pontiac eighth, Scott Smith in his TexStar Ford Mustang ninth, Morgan Dawdy in his Camaro tenth, Michael Patterson in his borrowed Camaro eleventh, and Gerald McNeil in his Mustang twelfth.

Sunday afternoon standing start. Image by Mitch Warren.

The Texas CMC pack in action! Image by Mitch Warren.

Gridding on the much anticipated standing start race was AIX followed by AI and CMC. The start and first laps were the usual jockeying for position. Skip Smith in his Motul 05' Mustang went off in Tombstone on the first lap. Eventually each driver settled into a pace for the duration when Michael Mosty dumped oil in the braking zone of Little Bend, a high speed right-hander making things very sporting. Victims of the spill were Jeffrey Brooks, whose flat-spotting on his right front forced him to retire from AI, and Jason McMahon going off course to end his day and first AIX race.

Matt White led from start to finish in AI with Chris Marvel at his heels the whole race, hoping White would make a mistake. Chris Lyons and David Donavan had a great battle going until David went off course prior to Big Bend with a few laps remaining, giving Chris a solid third place and David fourth in AI.

Jeff Burch ran his way to another podium finish as well, with Glenn Landrum edging out Eric Varner for second, Rob Liebbe fourth, Nicholas Runyon jumping up two places to finish fifth, Adam Ginsberg 6th, seventeen-year-old Scott Smith in his Motul/Performance Speed Tech Mustang 7Th, Michael Patterson holding eighth, Mitch Warren ninth, Jerry McNeil tenth, and Morgan Dawdy eleventh. Armstrong swept Sunday in AIX, followed by Skip Smith in second and David Love third in AIX.
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CMC trio. Foreground – Jeff Burch ( CMC #3 ), Eric Varner ( CMC #17 ), and Rob Liebbe ( CMC #1 ). Image by Mitch Warren.

The PST “Hard Charger Award” for this race was presented to Matt White ( AI #97 ), and Mike Patterson ( CMC #8 ).

POST RACE INSPECTIONS – were conducted by the series directors along with NASA tech inspectors. General AI/CMC tech was completed primarily on Saturday with impound scales after most every race. No violations were found.

NASA TX AI/CMC has met it’s goal of 20+ cars in just Round 1, continued with 23 cars for Rounds 2 and 3. V8 racing is growing in Texas! Come see the action during our May 20/21 event at Motorsport Ranch in Houston TX.

The 2006 schedule is posted at, and


MSRC (1.7mi) 1.21:648 John George (AI) 03/04/2006
MSRC (1.7mi) 1:24.98X Marshall Mosty (AIX) 03/06/2005
MSRC (1.7mi) 1:24.982 Jeff Burch (CMC) 03/04/20056

TWS (2.9mi) 1:53.785 John George (AI) 08/21/2005
TWS (2.9mi) 1:58.211 David Armstrong (AIX) 08/20/2005
TWS (2.9mi) 2:00:371 Jeff Burch (CMC) 08/21/2005

Hallett 1:24.387 John George (AI) 09/17/2005
Hallett 1:26.478 Buddy Cisar (AIX) 08/14/2004
Hallett 1:29.829 Eric Varner (CMC) 09/17/2005

NPR 1:20.319 John George (AI) 07/11/2005
NPR 1.24:381 Eric Varner (CMC) 07/11/2005

MSRH 1:45.869 John George (AI) 02/05/2006
MSRH 1.53.371 Skip Smith (AIX) 02/04/2006
MSRH 1:50.780 Eric Varner (CMC) 02/05/2006

* Track records only recorded from races in race trim.

Dyno Decals as recorded after Round 3:

American Iron:

Driver Name: RWHP RWTQ Min Weight
David Donovan 295 315 2835
Marshall Mosty 258 288 2800
Matt White 316 341 3069
David Love 292 310 2800
John George 329 354 3168
Pedersen/Marvel 312 314 2964
Jeff Brooks 319 317 3031
Chris Lyons TBD TBD TBD
Tracey Alvey TBD TBD TBD

Camaro-Mustang Challenge:

Driver Name: RWHP RWTQ Min Weight
Corey Rueth 227 286 3150
Morgan Dawdy 233 306 3305
Glenn Landrum 221 285 3200
Jeff Burch 204 281 3150
Mike Bell 210 276 3150
Chris McComb 195 274 3150
Todd Covini 226 293 3150
Rob Liebbe 220 279 3150
Eric Varner 226 273 3150
Nicholas Runyon 220 293 3150
Michael Mosty 226 281 3150
Adam Ginsberg 230 288 3150
Micah Bishop 227 292 3150
Scott Smith 213 274 3150

Drivers listed as “TBD” on the dyno grid above appeared without an updated dyno sheet. A new dyno sheet must presented at the next race.


1 947 White (AI)
2 894 Lyons/Sharp (AI)
3 890 Donovan (AI)
4 789 Pedersen/Marvel(AI)
5 759 George (AI)
6 652 Brooks (AI)
7 491 Mosty (AI)
8 209 LiiR (AI)
9 138 King (AI)
10 0 Alvy (AI)


1 986 Smith (AIX)
2 360 David Mixon (AIX)
3 304 Armstrong ( AIX )
4 215 McMahon (AIX)
5 90 Alexander ( AIX )
6 85 LiiR (AIX)
7 4 Capps (AIX)
8 0 Smith (AIX)

*** AI points per NASA CCR rule 22.1 and AI rule 10 100 for 1st...90 for 2nd...85 for 3rd, etc.
4 points for qualifying Pole position


1 1054 Varner (CMC)
2 1027 Burch (CMC)
3 1022 Landrum (CMC)
4 1010 Runyon (CMC)
5 968 Mosty ( CMC )
6 955 Dawdy/Carr ( CMC )
7 916 Bell (CMC)
8 770 Bishop/MacNeil ( CMC )
9 755 Covini (CMC)
10 755 Rueth (CMC)
11 704 Smith, Scott ( CMC )
12 645 Warren/Buehler (CMC)
13 642 Liebbe (CMC)
14 620 Ginsberg/Cooke (CMC)
15 262 Patterson (CMC)
16 258 McComb (CMC)
17 0 Tanner ( CMC )
18 0 Tseng/Rueth ( CMC )

***CMC points per CMC rule 9: 100 for 1st...97 for 2nd...95 for 3rd, etc.
1 point for qualifying Pole position

Points from the lowest scoring 20% of the season’s total number of races shall be dropped from each driver’s total for purposes of calculating the season total.

For more information, the following websites should be able to answer any of your licensing/rules/racing questions:
Adam G.
Team Shrack Racing
CMC #5
NASA Texas AI/CMC Asst. Director

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