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Cool Dissing overhead cams...

So I decided to take it easy on the guys in town one weekend and left my turbocharged 350Z at home, took the bad bitty 98 Cobra convertible out on Friday hunting. Even with the short list of modifications I have on her, she still goes good and I managed to eat up a few wanna-be's. On the east side of cleveland, industrial park area of town, we have our usual gatherings of whips looking to make some money, or just a name.
- I made it down there and my first race was against a 2002 Camaro SS. It was more noise then power though and I gladly took his money and ran with it, over 3 car lengths each time on a best 3/5.

... 1 me, 0 other guys (f-body)

- next race was some ricers, booooring.... nice to watch for almost 20 seconds as two tin cans attempt to spray windshield wiper fluid on each other.

- my next race was against a 92 5.0 Mustang GT. Piece!? Demolished him, after all of his **** talking about the 5.0 engine and his NOS. He didn't even bother to finish the last 2 races. Must of been out of NOS and hot air.

... 2 me, 0 other hot heads

- A Mazda RX-7 raced a Twin-Turbo vette... and had time to get out and light a cigerrete before the vette finished!!! Nice... gotta love those rotary sleepers. Mazda won 3/5. I didn't even bother to race that guy, and after watching the vette owner leave broke, neither did anyone else.

- Final race, me VS 2006 Infinity G35 N/A. I won by half car first run. He won by a full car 2nd race. He freakin demolished me by over 4 on the 3rd when I missed a gear. He annihalated me the 4th race when I found out what he was really pushing. Needless to say, I lost some money. He had just a full staight through exhaust, headers, intake, and ECU tune, w/ injectors yet managed over 450 hp.

... yeah I got ticked and went home for the Z, but when I got back he wasn't there anymore.
Me 2, a$$hole in the Infinity 1
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