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Old 03-20-2004, 02:51 PM   #1
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I had just had a conversation with a friend of mine recently while rippin up the town a little bit in his 95 Snake, that i haven't gotten into a race in a very long time. I hadent even gotten into a nice rolling 3rd gear blast on the freeway, nothing. So the other day i was coming home form work and spy a bright blue Neon SRT-4 a few cars up. I read about these cars, and was curious to see how well he could hang, so I sped up to catch up with it, to see if the driver thought he was hot ****. Upon closer inspection it looked like it had an aftermarket exhaust, but it didnt sound terrible like most 4 cyl's do. He wanted to run, but we were kind of in traffic, but i knew he wanted to go because he was giving some rolling start blasts while i was behind him, and i was right on his ass. Finally the traffic breaks a little bit. This is a 4 lane road, 2 each way, and we were in the left lane coming up on a light. he shot over to the right lane, and i thought he was going to duck out and make a right, but he switched back over to the left, right as the light was turning red. i hit the same gap and pulled up next to him at the light. perfect! i glanced over and saw two guys in the car staring back at me. i just looked back away and watched for the green. i didnt take off because i generally like to let the others go first. He hit it pretty hard and i eased out of first, and looked over at him, taking a over a car length. hitting second the race was already over, i LOST him by the time i could hit 5000 rpm in second. So needless to say it wasn't a very good race. my guess his he gave up after i lost him so bad off the line. turbo lag is a *****...

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Old 03-20-2004, 05:05 PM   #2
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I see you're out stirring up trouble!

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gotta love the neons. ha ha not. I hae raced one at the track. I too hear a lot of peopel say these cars are good and what not. I am yet to see one come close to touching the cobra. Most of the time you are 3 car lengths ahead by the time you deicde to shift to 3rd.
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