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Old 04-06-2004, 03:06 PM   #1
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Talking Last word people...

I have this friend who drives a Honda S2000. It is a pretty sweet ride for what it is. He has minimal engine mods, intake/exhaust, and a custom chip. All his money is in the suspension, and rightfully so as he does a lot of autocrossing. We never have had a chance to run until recently...

We never went off the line, because he and i both know, from a standing start i would walk all over him, the torque advantage is too much. So we were cruising down the street side by side, and i hear him kick it down a gear. We weren't planning to run, but it seemed like it was going to happen. I was just cruising at 45 in 4th at the time, way out of my power band with my F-cam. He downshifted again, probably to 2nd, and mashed it, and i dropped it down to 3rd. I still didn't have great power, as i was probably only at around 3,000 rpm, and my car doesnt wake up until almost 4,000. I mashed the gas and lagged for a moment until the revs spun a bit, losing probably half a car to a car in the process. He had to shift to 3rd, between that and me reaching my power band i caught back up and pulled maybe half a car before i doubled the speed limit, and decided to slow down.

So we get back to my house and start BSing about the little race. He had recently had to rebuild his rear end (for the 3rd time), and told me that he had suspected putting his differential together backwards, making it function the opposite the way it is supposed to, locking up more on decel than accell. Anyway, he tells me, yea i think i would have taken you if my diff was together right, we will have to run again after i fix it. Excuses. Ok, whatever.

A couple weeks later we have another chance, in a very similar situation. This time i was probably a car length in front of him, again cruising in 4th at around 45. I hear him downshift to 2nd and start to scream up to my door, taking about half a car on me. For a split second i thought to myself, screw this, i don't feel like racing. Yea, like that thought was going to hold...

This time i dropped straight to 2nd and found myself around 4200 RPM, perfect. I mashed it and quickly gained that 1/2 car back, and continued to get about a car before i needed to grab 3rd. I hit third and continued to RUN away from him. It was truely a stomping.

We got to our spot for breakfast. I got out of the car and said "Ok man, the differential is back together, you downshifted and hit the gas first, and i STILL walked on you, what excuse do you have for me this time"

"I have a perfectly good excuse, your car is faster than mine."

Holy crap, he finally admits it. We get entirely through breakfast without a word about the race. We are about to leave and he says, "you may be able to get me in a straight line, but i will own you on Streets of Willow"

"Well no ****, you drive a go-kart, i never claimed to be faster than you on the track"

Last word Mo Fo... Oh well, i guess i can let him have that, i got what i wanted.

1994 Rio Red Coupe #3564

304 ci, GT40X Aluminum Heads, Extrude Honed and Polished intake, Motorsport F303 cam, vortech fuel rails, 77 mm Pro-M mass air, 70mm BBK T-Body, Smog pump deletion, MSD and Perfomance distributors ignition components, Tremec 3550, Steeda Tri-axe, King Cobra/Centerforce clutch, Custom 3" Alum Driveshaft, 3.55 Gears, Griggs rear suspension w/torque arm & pan hard bar, Koni Red Shocks/Struts
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Old 04-06-2004, 08:41 PM   #2
Dr Jekyll on the street, Mr Hyde on the track
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Mmmm Rice tastes so good!

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1994 Rio Red Indy Pace Car #22 "Runabout"

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Old 04-07-2004, 09:06 AM   #3
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They can't handle good ol' American power!!! Eat that rice up!!!
~1995 "Rio Red" Cobra #3379 of 4005
2.2 Kenne Bell Blowzilla/ Flowzilla Supercharger (12# Boost), AFR 165 Aluminum Heads 61cc, TMoss Port Matched Cobra Lower, Trickflow 1.7 Roller Rockers, Crane 2031 Camshaft, 3/8" Intake Spacer, 60# Injectors, Accufab 75mm Throttle Body w/ Blank Spacer, DynoJet Wideband Commander, MSD Pro Billet Distributor, MSD Blaster Coil, SCT Big Mouth Meter BAF 2400, JLT Custom Cold Air intake, Deleted EGR/ Smog, Mac Chrome Radiator Pipes, Mac Ceramic Coated Shorty Headers, Mac O/R H-Pipe, Flowmaster Cat-Back, Pro 5.0 Shifter, Ford Racing 3:73 Gears, H&R Sport Springs, Chrome Cobra R Wheels
Pro Dyno Tuned to 498 RWHP 497 RWTQ
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Old 04-07-2004, 12:20 PM   #4
"Love that Boost"
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Thats always ricers answer after they get in a straight line, but if you miss a gear or traffic slows you up and he thinks he has won, you would never hear the end of it.

1997 Cobra #3843
Born 3/18/97
2-chamber Flowmasters cat-back
Vortech S/C V2
Autometer Phantom Fuel Pressure & Boost Gauge
FMS 4:10 ring & pinion
Kenny Brown Subs
MM Caster/Camber Plates
Eibach Pro Kit
Pro 5.0 shifter
401 RWHP & 396 TORQUE
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