SCMC's Mustang and Ford Show at Pro-Dyno

2015 SCMC/Pro-Dyno Registration Form

3545 Centre Circle, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Please read the following before filling out the SCMC/Pro-Dyno Registration Form for our November 14, 2015 event.


The following concerns the fall registration and the changes both Pro-Dyno and the SCMC will be implementing for this event.


We're Sorry but you missed the cutoff date for preregistration. You can still attend the event and join the rest of us but you cannot enter the complimentary car show. Be sure to register early for our March 2016 Cruise-in at Pro-Dyno.



Car Show Entry or Meal Ticket -


A. In order to receive one food coupon for a lunch you must bring one of the following with you:

Either 5 cans of food or a $5.00 cash donation for the charity. There are no exceptions to this requirement. This event is a food drive for the Pilgrim's Inn of Rock Hill, SC. The food coupons are $5.00 per person or 5 canned goods as this will allow you to receive one meal ticket and one entry into the car show.

If you are not entering the show, then you can either bring 5 cans of food per person or a $5.00 cash donation toward the charity.

Therefore the following applies:

$5.00 cash donation = 1 meal ticket and 1 car show entry or

5 cans of food = 1 meal ticket and 1 car show entry


The only way to enter the car show is to purchase either a meal ticket for $5.00 cash, or bring 5 cans of food with you, or donate $5.00 cash toward the 50/50 drawing or any combination.


Door Prizes and Raffles -

There are two raffles being held during the event. An "Event Participant" raffle and a special "SCMC Member Only" raffle. Please read below the details of these TWO different raffles.

In order to enter to win some of the hundreds of dollars of door prizes, you must do the following:

Event Participant Raffle-

When you donate $5.00 toward the 50/50 raffle, you will receive six tickets for the 50/50 and one "Event Participant" raffle ticket. This ticket will allow you to enter the event participant raffle with no additional cost. There will be hundreds of dollars worth of door prizes of which you may select at the event participant raffle. You are guaranteed to walk home with something when you donate $5.00 cash only toward the 50/50 raffle.

Therefore the following applies:

$5.00 cash only raffle donation = 6 chances to win the pot, 1 ticket to win a door prize from the "Event Participant" raffle, and/or one car show if you did not purchase a meal ticket.

In summary - $10.00 cash only donation = 1 meal ticket, 1 car show entry, 6 chances to win the 50/50 drawing, 1 ticket to win from the "Event Participant" raffle. You must donate $5.00 cash only for each additional meal ticket, children 15 and under do not pay for a meal.


SCMC Member Only Raffle -

In order to enter the "SCMC Member Only" raffle, you must be a current SCMC member in good standing. That means your membership must be current and up to date. No new members the day of the event will be allowed to participate for this drawing. You must be a member prior to this event and have your dues paid up to date. These prizes are separate items from the event participant raffle and all will apply toward SVT Cobra Club items.


We hope you understand that we want everyone to have a great time at the cruise-in but that the purpose of the event is to raise money and/or canned goods for the local food bank.


Lastly - Pro-Dyno will be collecting donations for Toys for Tots. You can purchase a Pro-Dyno bracelet for $5.00 cash only each and your name will be entered into a special drawing for that day. Drawing prize will be announced at the Pro-Dyno display during the event.

If you agree to these new conditions, please fill out the form below.


If at any time you have any questions concerning this event or the car show portion, feel free to contact Tony at SVT Cobra Mustang Club at either or 803.371.0725 We do not accept credit cards, paypal, or checks at the event. This is a "cash only" event, thanks.

Don't forget our free car show at Virginia International Raceway on November 21-22, 2015.

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