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Ford Motor Company's Celebration of the Century
On June 12-16, 2003 Ford Motor Company celebrated their 100th Anniversary in Dearborn, MI.  Over 30 SCMCer's met to celebrate the Birthday of a company that has contributed so much to the automotive industry.  No matter where you live the invention of the automobile has affected everyone's life in one way or another.  I've learned there is more to the man, Henry Ford, then many of us even could imagine.  He was not only a genius in his time but believed in the very principles that this country was founded on.  "A good day's work for a good day's pay" could very easily sum up his opinion on life.
Follow along as we give you part one of a three part series of the man who has affected us in one way or another and why the Ford 100th Centennial is the "Celebration of the Century".

(left to right: Tony Sorrentino, Dave Stanfield, Dennis McCrary,
Terry Stanfield and Kathy Stanfield)
Our trip started with a meet at the Virginia rest area on I77 at the VA/NC line.  As Dave Stanfield was calling us on his cell phone, Dennis McCrary and I were driving in the parking lot.  We were excited to make the 700 mile plus trip as driving in a caravan is a lot of fun.


(We stopped for lunch at the Hog Heaven)
We stopped at this restaurant for lunch in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  There we ate BBQ where they served Prehistoric hog eggs and Hog Balls for lunch.  Yes, we all joked about the menu but the food was really good.  Unfortunately, they did not have sweet tea but then what restaurant above the Mason Dixon does?

We all arrived at the hotel after a 13 hour drive to Lavonia, MI, where we stayed at the Courtyard hotel.  As you can see here, everything was centered around the World Ford headquarters.

It rained on Thursday, what else would you expect?  We went to the Fairlane Plaza to register and then went to the movies.  There were a lot of people waiting in line to register for the event.

We saw the movie "The Italian Job" which was a pretty good flick.

Everyone enjoyed having dinner together.  We separated the women from the men and it worked out pretty good. =0)

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