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This is the line we had to wait in, and we got there early.  We all thought we would never get to the main display area.  Within minutes ten or more buses came to pick us up and we were on our way in a jiffy.

(Dennis McCrary, on left, waiting in line with fellow Ford fans)

You could see "Big Foot" right from the bus we were riding.

There was a Detroit Lion display on the premises. 
Security was very tight when we arrived; you had to take out all metal objects and place them on a conveyor belt while you stepped through the metal detector doors.

We took turns having our picture made in front of the World Ford Headquarters front entrance sign.  Pictured above from left to right are Peter Calvert, Matt Porter, and Dennis McCrary. 

The outside had blue fencing around it with the Centennial logo on it.  You can also see the big Ford "100" logo in one of many billboards that were placed around the grounds.

A closer look at the sign from the backside.  There were numerous signs placed all over the complex.

This was the line you had to wait in if you wanted to buy merchandise.  I was told it took you two hours to get inside of the merchandise store.  Rather then wait it out, you can opt to purchase the merchandise on line.  Several of us opted for the on line payment.

As we walked to the other side of the complex, there was a line of Model A's and T's all around the WFH building.  Many of these cars were the first off the assembly lines.

These vehicles were very unique and had gas headlights.  Talk about living in the stone ages.  How did people ever see with those lights anyway?

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