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There were several tents set up that housed different types of Fords.  Checkout the Boss 429 engine with the GT 40 in the background.

Outside the tent were some real Boss 429's.  Dennis is saying about the Boss 302 in the background, "hey I used to have one just like that".

This car is a 2003 Mach1 with a 2003 Cobra engine in it.  If you look close enough, you will see a Mach1 belt cover instead of a Cobra one.

Oh, did this hit a nerve.  This Dark Jade Green Mach 1 looks
just like mine and it even had a white interior in it.

This is my Mach 1, see any resemblance? Cool  

The Mustangs were well represented at the event.

SVOs, Shelbys, and Boss', oh my!

Peter Calvert walking by a 69 sportsroof.

More tents to walk into and more unique cars inside of them. 
Check out this Thunderbolt!

A very limited number of these Torinos were produced.

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