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What can you say?  Another SCMC on track event, another rainy weekend!  Although the weekend wasn't a total washout because it dried up on Sunday morning.  That is when all hell broke loose on the track.  Follow along as we give you the highlights of the event........

The work is never finished till the paperwork is done. 

Rich Riley and Todd Shanaberger handle the registration
duties making sure all of the paperwork is accounted for.

When we got to the Jameson Inn in Lancaster, this is what we had waiting for
us on the table.  Someone really spent a lot of time making sure we were welcome!

This is what it looked like before we went to classroom. 
Mother nature had no mercy on us on Saturday.

Out of the rain and into the dry, we held our drivers meeting
explaining the rules of the event, safety, and the track layout.

John Pearson (second from right) guards the door making sure no
one leaves or falls asleep. =0)

Do these guys look like they want to stand there and listen
 or get out on the track and drive?

Special thanks to Garry Talbert, SCMC lead instructor,
 for giving us the ins and outs of the track.

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