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Alan Modzewleski brought his 1998 GTS Viper. 
That car was ungodly fast!
Click picture to see three 03 Cobras running down the Viper

Dave Stanfield shedding the rain like it was nothing!

We had a lot of rain on Saturday!

Big Daddy brought his 2001 KB equipped Cobra.

Chris Retz of True Blue Performance brought out
their one of one 1999 Steeda Cobra.

We had a few BMW's there too.

Dennis McCrary (aka Poolman) tearing
up the track in his 2003 Cobra.

Anyway you look at it, Todd Shanaberger's 1998
Cobra convertible looks good in the dry and the rain.

George Ciamillio of MGW brought his 2003 Viper to come and play.

What?  A pickup truck?  How did it get there????

Chris Bull brought out his Winston Cup car.

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