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The SCMC attended the Fall Autofair at Lowe's Motor Speedway on September 13-14, 2003. The club sported over 30 Cars at the event.....

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On Saturday we were behind the seats and on Sunday we moved down to Pit Road.

There were several new members at the event.
Jacob Bowers brought his black 1999 Cobra coupe to the event.

Thomas Bramblett's 1997 Cobra Coupe.

The crowds thickened as the morning went on. It was cool temperature wise but as the day went on, the Carolina heat set in.

Kelly Hewitt brought his 1997 Rio Red Convertible to the event.
The car has 8000 miles on it and looks immaculate.

Dave Stanfield's 1999 Rio Red Cobra Convertible really stands out
and is a multiple show winner.

Roy Redd's 2001 White Cobra Convertible was parked next to
Lisa Milstead's 1997 White Cobra Convertible.

Red was the color of the day. There were more Red Cobras
present then any other color. We thought about starting
a "Red Mustang Registry".

Ric Fowler brought this 1968 Mustang Coupe to the event.

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