SCMC Attended Events - Fall Food Lion Autofair 2003

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Craig McKinney talking to Lisa Milstead.

Dave Stanfield was checking out the new SVT book.

Greg and John Oswell, Vance Newman, and Kathy Lawrence chatting to each other.

Tracy Ridgeway and Jacob Bowers taking a break!

John Pearson putting on his new SCMC decals on his 1996 Mystic AI racer.

You have to do both sides John. =0)

The end result looks great!

Onlookers had a great opportunity to learn more about our cars.
We also gained two new members on Saturday.

Garland Farris bought a new truck at the event.
Well, it was new to him anyway.

Lisa Milstead trying to avoid the camera.

Gotcha Lisa!

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