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On April 27, 2003 the SCMC had its third annual SE Regional Show at Gwinnett Place Ford.  We knew we were going to have a better turnout then last year because Mother Nature was on our side.  Despite several shows going on in the area on the same weekend, we had 5 more participants at our event.  Follow along as we give you the event coverage.......

We tried to do something different at this show.  At the advice of Steve Tanner, SCMC SE Regional Rep, we decided not to put the cars by category but rather just let them park when they arrived at the event.  This helped out a lot since we would not need a "parking" person to park the cars but rather let everyone park themselves and then come and register.  Steve Tanner suggested parking the cars at an angle and it really made a difference at the event.

Anyway you look at it, all of the cars looked sharp and we knew
it would be difficult for the judges to judge our modern muscle vehicles.

The weather was great, the food was really good
and it was a perfect day for showing. 

SCMC SE Regional show tent was set up displaying
all of the merchandise and raffle prizes.

The Lightnings had a better turnout this year with 4 attending the event. 
Last year we had two Lightnings at our event.

Amber & Jason Rockwell's 2003 Dark Shadow Gray Cobra

We moved to a new lot this year and it made a world of difference. 
We had room for 80 cars; we had plenty of parking room to stretch out.

Nice panoramic shot of the entire event.  It was a lot of fun!  Several new attendees said they enjoyed our event.  Other participants who came to the first two events said they "don't miss this event for anything."  It's great to see people enjoying themselves at our events.

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