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The SCMC would like to thank the following people for helping
out at the event in no particular order:
Roy and Denise Redd - set-up/take down
George and Robert Clark - set up/take down
Rich Bowden - Entertainment
Wesley Dunlap - set up/advertising
Jason and Amber Rockwell - advertising
Donna Douglas - advertising
The SCMC would like to thank the following sponsors
for donating prizes for the event:
Gwinnett Place Ford
Ford SVT
Year One
Kenny Brown
Daniel Carpenter
MV Performance
Steve Treece - Zaino
WMS Racing
Embroidery Zone
Special Thanks to:
Steve and Dana Tanner for putting the event together
and doing all of the logistics for the event.
The GA F-Body and the Atlanta Camaro and Firebird Association
for doing the judging at our event.
Hope everyone enjoyed the event and see you all next year!

The following are the winners at the event:


Class A:  1993-2001 Stock Cobra


1st Place:            Steve & Crystal Lorah  



Class C:   1994-1995 Modified & Personalized Cobra


1st Place:            Mike Sawyer (1995 Rio Red Coupe)

2nd Place:            Steve Tanner (1995 Black Convertible)

3rd Place:            George Clark    (1995 White Coupe)



Class E:   1996-1998 Modified Cobra


1st Place:            Rich Bowden            (1997 Rio Red Coupe)



Class F:    1999-2001 Personalized Cobra


1st Place:            Ed Burwell (2001 Laser Red Convertible)

2nd Place:            Ray Roger   (2001 True Blue Coupe)

3rd Place:            Tom Ludwig (2001 Zinc Yellow Coupe)



Class G:     1999-2001 Modified Cobra


1st Place:            Wesley Dunlap             (2001 Zinc Yellow Convertible)

1st Place:            Craig & Carey McKinney            (1999 Black Coupe)

2nd Place:            Roy Red                              (2001 White Convertible)

3rd Place:            Greg Oswell                          (2001 White Coupe)



Class H:      2003 Cobra


1st Place:            Roger & Connie Pinson  (2003 Black Convertible)

2nd Place:            Jason &Amber Rockwell            (2003 Dark Shadow Gray Coupe)

2nd Place:            Thomas Sheldon                        (2003 Black Coupe)

2nd Place:            Kevin Lynn                             (2003 Sonic Blue Coupe)



 Class I:     Cobra Daily Driver


1st Place:            Scott & Cheryl Michaels            (2003 Redfire Coupe)

1st Place:            Bobby & Marie Cox                (2003 Sonic Blue Coupe)

2nd Place:            Stanley Grace                           (2003 Black Coupe)



Class L:     1979-1993 Mustang


1st Place:            Mike Keown             (1983 Silver Convertible)

2nd  Place:            James Dorsey             (1984 Black Convertible)



Class M:      1994-2003 Mustang


1st Place:            Lon Tanner              (2003 Yellow Mach I)

1st Place:            Richard Sookar (1999 Laser Red GT)

2nd Place:            Julia Stevens                        (1999 Yellow Coupe)

2nd Place:            Donna Douglas            (2000 White Coupe)

3rd Place:            Robert Clark                (1994 Rio Red Coupe)

3rd Place:            Ed Reardon                       (2003 Black Convertible)



Class N:     Lightning


1st Place:            Garry Cochenour            (2002 Blue Lightning)

2nd Place:            Ed Vosyka                        (2001 Black Lightning)

2nd Place:            Marcel Kohler              (1994 Black Lightning)

3rd Place:            Walter Henderson            (2000 White Lightning)



Class P:     Special Interest Ford


1st Place:            Brian Cieszyanski            (2002 Laser Red Saleen)

2nd Place:            Joe Feinburg                       (1966 Blue GT-40)

3rd Place:            Ryan Freeland                       (1998 Red Contour)



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