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SCMC Dyno Day at ATS Performance-Columbia, SC, February 15, 2003


The SCMC (Carolina Region) held it's first dyno day in Columbia, SC at ATS Performance.  The weather was projected to be rainy all day but we had no plans to cancel the event because many of us were waiting to see how some of our mods would pan out.  I know I was wanting to see how much horsepower my Cobra gained from my two performance mods, a set of underdrive pulleys and an Off-Road H-pipe.  Now I know my car gained some ponies; I could tell from the ole "butt-o-meter" but I wanted to see it on the dyno and this was a perfect opportunity to see it since we had several 2003 Cobra owners chomping at the bit to see how much they had at their rear wheels.  But before we go into my Cobra story, let me say that we had a really good turnout with 17 cars being dynoed and a host of onlookers wanting to see what they would be up against when the 2003's hit the rollers.

(Don't let this photo fool you, there were a slew of Cobras and Mustangs at the event)

(While the store front looked empty, the side of the building didn't)

(Tom Crews and several SCMCers watching the rollers turned as we all waited to see the results, we event had a Corvette and Camaro owner show up for the event)

(As the day went on, more and more people showed up with their cars)

(Ed Burwell and others look on as the competition mounted up and got the engine's warm)

(First up was Matt McManus' 2003 Zinc Yellow Cobra)

(Any angle that you look at it, it's one sharp looking Snake!)

Now Matt's new Cobra was no slouch, it slapped down 389 hp and 372 ft lbs of torque on it's first run.  The second run he ran 386 hp and 369 ft lbs of torque.  This is pretty much standard for a stock 2003 Cobra with a catback system.

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