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Next up was Jeff Finkelstein and his 1999 Rio Red Cobra Convertible.  Jeff's car is basically stock with an aftermarket exhaust system on it.

(Spinning the wheels is what it is all about)

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(Craig Mathis' 2001 Cobra shot out over 300 naturally aspirated horsepower)

Craig Mathis' 2001 Cobra put down over 300 hp with his first run netting him 300 hp and 298 ft lbs of torque and his second run bragging a 303 hp with 301 ft lbs of torque.  Way to go Craig!  Nothing like having a 300+ hp at the rear wheels. 

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(John Anderson's 1999 Saleenized GT looked awesome!)

Next up was John Anderson.  His white 1999 GT was tastefully modified as a Saleen and his numbers are well above the standard GT.  His Pony car pumped out 230 hp and 251 ft lbs of torque on his first run.  His second pull netted him 226 hp and 251 ft lbs of torque.  That was one bad sounding ponycar.  His Mustang was the second loudest at the event.

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(Zach's Camaro hitting the rollers)
Okay, so we ribbed Zach Winchester all day about his General Motors product but it's always nice to see what the competition has to offer.  Zach's 2002 Camaro SS slapped down 331 rwhp and 339 rwtq.  Those are some terrifying numbers for a naturally aspirated engine and it keeps the Ford folks on their toes.  Zach's second pull netted him 331 rwhp and 341 rwtq.  Great job Zach!
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(Chelsea Linkous' 2003 Cobra is awesome)
Who out there in their right mind would want to pull up next to Chelsea and chuckle at her?  Actually, she hopes the guys will so she can show them what she has under the hood of her supercharged Snake.  The Snake had a cold air kit on it and an aftermarket exhaust.  It pumped out an amazing 421 rwhp and 388 rwtq on it's first pull.  The second pull netted 415 rwhp and 394 rwtq.  Gentlemen, in my mind, don't mess with Chelsea when you see her Snake on the streets!
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(Chelsea beside her black 2003 Cobra) 

(So here comes Mr Ed)
Okay we would compare Ed Burwell's lightly modified 2001 Cobra against my lightly modified 1999 Cobra today.  Ed and I had the exact same mods completed on our cars and it would be cool to see who put out more hp between us.  Ed's first pull was 291 rwhp and 292 rwtq.  His second pull netted him 288 rwhp and 298 rwtq.  We'd have to wait a little longer to see who would have the better numbers for the day.  Ed had a set of Steeda underdrive pulleys and a MAC off road H-pipe on his Laser Red beauty.  Could Fireball beat Wilbur?  That was the $10,000.00 question of the day.
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