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(Who's Big Daddy?)
Well, we all heard the war stories and now we would get to see just exactly how well Greg Oswell's 2001 Cobra would perform.  We knew it was capable of over 500 rwhp but would it do it today on a warmer day?  Everyone stood around the beast and listened to the exhaust growl as it ripped off a 480 rwhp and 415 rwtq.  Not bad for a first pull but a little cooling down and the numbers would go up.  His second pull netted him 497 rwhp and 422 rwtq.  This wasn't exactly what Greg had hoped for but they were the best numbers for the day of any of the cars there.  Congratulations Greg, you are still the Big Daddy of us all.
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(Troy Bailey's 99 Mustang hits the rollers)
If a 1999 Mustang has 260 hp at the flywheel then Troy's Mustang defies those numbers as his Ponycar put out 213 rwhp and 258 rwtq.  His second pull netted him 214 rwhp and 259 rwtq.  These are very respectable numbers for a totally stock 1999 GT.  Congrats Troy on owning one of the cleanest Ponycars around!
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(Blake Stacks' 1993 GT fooled us all)
Blake Stacks came down from Lancaster, SC to see what his red Pony would do.  His 1993 GT netted 222 rwhp and 262 rwtq on its first pull and 224 rwhp and 265 rwtq.  Not too shabby for a car that is rated at 225 flywheel hp from the factory.
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(Billy Parker's 1990 GT)
Okay, I was guessing and told Billy he would have 215 rwhp but his totally unmolested stock 1990 GT would pump out 194 rwhp and 269 rwtq.  His second run netted him 193 rwhp and 265 rwtq.  That's a few hp more then what a stock 1990 Mustang GT should have for that year.  This car didn't even have the silencer removed or the timing bumped.  We wanted to do the quick mods but time would not allow us to perform the mechanics in time for the next pull.  I'm still saying with those few mods, he would be in the 200 hp range, easy.
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(who's car is this?)
Okay, let's start with the excuses first.  Well, on the way down to the dyno one of my bolts for the off road pipe backed off and that caused me to lose a few ponies.  Also, Ed Burwell had all of those shiny mods on his car and I didn't so that was enough for Ed to eek by me on the dyno.  I got the car fixed immediately when I got to ATS and they had it finished in 15 minutes or less.  Thanks a lot to those guys for a job well done!  Now, on to the numbers....  I waited over a year or so to see if I could reach the magic number of 300 rwhp.  I had hoped with the off road H-pipe and the underdrives I would net 28 hp but it was not to happen for the day.  My previous hp was 272 and tq was 281 but that was at a different dyno and with just the "fix" and no mods completed on my Snake.
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Before the "fix" I had 256 rwhp and 260 rwtq so I felt pretty good about what Ford had done to fix the problem of low performance. 

The new sheet would show 289 rwhp and 296 rwtq on it's final run with 288 rwhp and 291 rwtq on its first pull.  To say the least, I was not happy not hitting the 300 mark but considering the slight mods done to the car, it was respectable.  Therefore the mods netted my Snake 17 rwhp and 15 rwtq. 


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