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(Vance Newman's 2003 Cobra hits the rollers hard)
Vance Newman's car sounded real good on the street but no one knew how good it would sound on the dyno.  This was definitely the loudest, baddest sounding Cobra of them all.  It was just as intimidating on the dyno as it is on the street.  if we had a loud and obnoxious contest for exhaust, then Vance's Cobra would win hands down!  The car pulled 451 rwhp and 449 rwtq with a chip, pulley, cold air kit, off road pipe, and  3 inch dynomax exhaust pipes.  It was awesome to hear that thing!  His second pull netted 459 rwhp and 447 rwtq.  Now, that is some awesome torque from a little bitty 281 cubic inch engine.
Click here for video.

(Michael Day's 2003 Snake hits the rollers hard.  Click photo for video)
Mike's Silver beast had just an aftermarket exhaust on it and he wanted to hit the 400 rwhp mark with just that one modification.  He got his wish as he hit 391 rwhp and 372 rwtq on his first pull.  A little cooling down period and he netted 403 rwhp and 380 rwtq.  One mod and you can get these new Cobras in the 400 rwhp mark.

(Ken Clarkson's 1993 Saleen Mustang, click photo for video)
This had to be one of the cleanest Saleen Mustangs around.  Ken's Mustang had a supercharger on it with the boost timing set to "one".  He netted 283 rwhp and 321 rwtq on his first pull.  Several gurus looked over the numbers and advised him to set the boost to zero and he would net more ponies.  They were right, as his boost was set to"zero" and his Ponycar responded with 321 rwhp and 341 rwtq.  We were all sure with a little more tweaking, he would have some more hidden ponies come out to play.

(Jennifer Spires' 2003 Cobra on the dyno, click for video)
Whoa now....... two women who want to strut their stuff with us?  Well, don't let this little lady make you think she could be run over by some Neanderthal.  Jennifer's Snake had been modified just like Vance's and the sound of it was just shy of giving Vance a run for the money.  Click the photo and you can hear what I am talking about.  Don't be afraid, turn the volume up on your surround sound. Jenny's Cobra put down 450 rwhp and 452 rwtq on the first run and 452 rwhp and 474 rwtq.  Now that my friends is something to run away from on the street.


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