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It was cloudy and overcast but today Mother Nature would not drop down the daily dose of rain we have been getting for the past few weeks.  Sometimes you wonder if we have been jinxed this year because the rain only comes on our event dates which is usually the weekends.  The weeks we don't have anything going on, it's as pleasant as can be.  I guess we'll never figure the weather out, huh?  Well, we weren't going to let the weather get the best of us as the "hard core" SCMCers would show up for the second shot at our drag day and they were not let down because the weather was cool and cloudy.  A great way to start a long awaited dragstrip event.  So follow along as we give you the highlights and some video of the event.

George of MGW brought his Viper to the event.  It wasn't up to par but
he got it down the track once or twice. We heard George had second gear
gone before he came to the event.  It's okay George, you know we think
the world of you! =0)  Paul Locklair's Dark Shadow 03 Cobra
in the rear of the picture.

Jonathon Sanders brought his 1967 Mustang and everyone
knows how wicked that car is.  It's fun just to watch the car blast
off at the starting line.

Dave and Floyd Sanders (Uncle Floyd) work on their Fox body Mustang. 
That car just flat out thumps!  Check out the numbers on the last page.

Girly girl car! 
Lisa Milstead brought her Cougar but didn't run it.

This was a really cool picture of the Lightning crowd.  Red, white, and Blue!
I wonder if they had that planned?  Either way you look at it,
those supercharged beasts are awesome on the track!

True Blue brought out their SS/O car.  More pictures and video
to follow on them. It's nice to have some professional racers out
 there with us.  It's always great to see where you are and
where you want to be.

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