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Probably the biggest rivalry of the event was between Jerry Ragan and
his friend, Gary Martin.  All day long the two were trying to see who
had the fastest car.  Jerry with his 2003 Mach 1 Mustang or
Gary with his 2001 Bullitt Mustang.  As it turns out, both cars ran
consistent 13.9's at the strip.  It was a humid day so they
could have probably run better.

Click photo for the video of Jerry and Gary running
down the strip. In this race, the Bullitt won!

Next up, Jason Roberts and his Kenne Belle Supercharged
Mystic Cobra.  Not only did Jason run fast all day, he put the Vipers
in their place time and time again.  Jason's run in the bracket
competition was 12.455 @ 112. 66 mph.

Paul Locklair (aka Corner Carver ) and Kevin Lynn take on one
another at the strip.  Paul was running low 13's all day.  Kevin's
time in the bracket competition was 13.383 @ 105.60 mph.
Paul's car is the Dark Shadow Gray and Kevin's is the Sonic
Blue Coupe.

Chris Calhoun brought his Zinc Yellow 2003 Cobra
Convertible to the event.

Will Chestnut's 1994 White Lightning ran hard all day. 
 Equipped with a 351 W, the Lightning ran 15.330 @ 77.28 mph
 in the bracket competition.

Greg Baranek and Kevin Lynn taking a shot at it.  Greg ran
great all day with his basically stock 1995 Rio Red Cobra.  He was
eliminated in the first round  and  ran a 15.034 @ 94.69 mph.

Fear Jay Finkelstein!  He is very consistent in his 1994 Black
Cobra Coupe.  You don't have to be the fastest car to
be the winner. You have to be the most consistent.

Jim Griener's 1998 Chrome Yellow Cobra showed the crowd
what he could do.

Ken Burt and Jay Finkelstein duke it out.  This time the 17 year old,
Jay, took Ken to the cleaners as far as consistently.  Jay's car is stock
but Ken's 99 Cobra is modified.  Jay ran 14.921 @ 93.92 mph in the final 
race.  Ken ran 14.349 @ 99.11 mph and fouled at the light.
Maybe next time Ken!  You both did a great job calling the right numbers.

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