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Dan Wagner from True Blue Performance brought his
SS/O car to the event. Click here to see the burnout and
here to see the car going down the strip. 

The car ran 6.26 in the 1/8 mile @ 109 mph.  When I asked Dan
what was the fastest the car ever ran, he replied 7.99 @ 170 mph
in the quarter mile.   Whoa, that's too fast for me!


I didn't get much time on the track as someone has to do the legwork
but here are a few videos for you to look at of Fireball, my 99 Cobra.
Fireball burnout video here and here.
Going sideways on the staging lane here.
Fireball beats the Lightning video here.
Check out my 99 getting the jump on the big Lightning here.
The most fun run of the day was when I got the jump on
Charles Nettleman's 2003 Sonic Blue Lightning.  Now my 99 wasn't
running very good because of the humidity and the fact that I put it back to 100%
stock except the lowering springs.  My  best time for the day was 13.86 @ 100 mph.
I know this hurt Charles supercharged Lightning too.
The worst time of the day was when I got obliterated by
Robert Rooker's Trans Am.  Of course he has the giggle gas but you know
it still hurts to lose.

It was getting close to awards time and everyone was wanting
to hear the results.  So here we go....

Dan Wagner of True Blue Performance won the "Longest Distance" award.
Dan and his crew traveled from Benson, NC to come to the event.  Learn more about
True Blue Performance at

Dave Weldon won the Best 60 foot time with a 1.847 seconds.

Dave Stanfield won the "Best Reaction Time" with a .038 time.

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