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On June 28, 2003 the Carolina Region of the SCMC held its second annual SVT, Mustang, and Ford show at Parkway Ford in Winston-Salem, NC. There was nothing special about this event, or so we thought, we would have Mother Nature working against us again .  Misty, cloudy, drizzly and we figured another below average turn out right?  WRONG!  We had record turnout with an event everyone was talking about all day long.  The cloudy day was a big advantage to us as it kept the 90 degree temperatures away from us all day long!  Follow along as we give you the coverage.....

Jason and Amber Rockwell attended with their
Dark Shadow Gray 2003 Cobra.  Looks like
Jason is giving cleaning tips here?

Several types of Modern Muscle were in attendance. 
Here is W.J. Lakey's Mineral Gray Mustang GT

The morning started off slow but by late morning,
everything was in full swing.

What a line of modern muscle.  It seemed like you
would never get to the end of the row.

The backside of the show lot was full too. 
Too many Cobras, too little time!

When we finally walked down to the end of the front line,
we found all sorts of SCMC members hiding their Snakes
in the grass.  That's Todd Shanaberger's 1998 Atlantic Blue
Cobra Convertible with all of the trophies in front of it.

Nice event shot from the food vendor set-up.  Yes, if you
didn't make it, you really missed out on a good one.  Thanks to
Randy's catering service for the great hot dogs and chili!

There was a great assortment of classics at the event.
Most of the time we have a few classics but this time
they came out to brave the weather. =0)


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