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Rick Soesbee's Modified Pacific Green Cobra had
trophies all in it and around it. 


John Pearson proudly displayed his NASA/AI
Mystic Cobra at the event.

Tom Lewis brought his Rally Focus to the event
and won "first place" in his category.

One thing the SCMC does is give everyone opportunities to make
new friends.  Dennis Watson  on the right and Rick Soesbee
on the left pose for the camera.

True Blue brought their SS/Outlaw racer to the event.

Spectators check out the True Blue Tent set-up.

Randy's catering service did a great job handling
the crowd of people in attendance.

The group that made it all happen.  The SCMC show staff and
participants!  Wonder who they are listening to?

Maybe they were wondering when we were going
to hand all of these awards out?
The trophy in the front is the one the Carolina Region
earned last year for the most participants at their first show.

Waiting to see who are the winners is the hardest part.  Personally,
everyone is a winner because they all have great looking cars!

Here Chevy, Chevy, Chevy......

The winners get cheered on by the crowd!

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