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Let me say that putting on a show takes a lot of work and patience.
Diane and Lindsay Pearson did a superb job on handling registration
for the event.  John Pearson did a great job setting up the logistics
and helping out at the show. My hat goes off to the Pearsons!


David Brown, Parkway Ford's General Manager, looks on as Bobby Cox
reads out the sponsors to the crowd.  Special thanks to Parkway Ford
for supporting our event; we look forward to next year's show.
Thanks to Bobby Cox for helping out at the event and
helping to set the show up for the club.
The SCMC would like to thank the following sponsors for the show:
Parkway Ford  and David Brown-
Banana Motorsports and Tom Lewis-
FastLane Motorsports and Melvin Skinner -
Turbo Tune -
MGW and George Ciamillio -
Mustang Innovations and Mike Keown-
True Blue Performance and Dan Wagner -
Daniel Carpenter Reproductions and Daniel Carpenter - 1-800-637-8264.
Custom Performance and Dale Sciranko -
Ford SVT and Bill Martens -
Meguiars and Mike Kennedy -
3M and Bobby Cox -
The SCMC would like to thank the following people in no particular order for helping out at the show:
Amber Rockwell
Lisa Milstead
Jeff Finkelstein
John Pearson
Lindsay Pearson
Diane Pearson
David Phillips
Bobby Cox
Tom Lewis
Rich Riley (Head Judge)
Amber Rockwell
Todd Shanaberger
Burke Dawson
Garland Farris III
Jeff Finkelstein
Bobby Cox
Bill Dangerfield
Mark Young
David Ridgeway
Roy Redd
Ray Lee
If you were left off this "thank you" list then please feel free to
contact me at and we'll get it corrected.
Thanks to anyone who may have been omitted in error


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