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The Ford 100th stop at the Sharon Transmission Plant in Sharonville, Ohio was a lot of fun.  The show started with a display of skydivers landing on the plant's grounds.  All of them were holding the American Flag in their hands as they landed in front of a large crowd.  Three SCMC members made the tour, they were Dean Smeltzer, Dave Diehl, and myself, Kerry Miller.

(Kerry Miller's 1996 Laser Red Cobra out in front of the Sharon Plant in Sharonville, OH)

The event started off with a display of vehicles ranging from 1903 to 2003, each representing 100 years of Ford Motor Company.  We were allowed to sit in some of the display vehicles to see what they were like.  My personal favorite was the Lincoln Navigator but you had to have a lot of bucks to buy one of these giant SUVs.

(Dean Smeltzer brought his 1993 Cobra American Iron car to the event)

Some items that were provided free of charge at the event were John Force posters, Ford hat pins, a 4 x 6 dash plaque, and a few other novelties.  The Soda pop and chips were free for a small donation to a designated charity.  The Skyline Chile dogs were excellent and it was a great to listen to music while you ate and socialized at the event. They gave away some really neat door prizes ranging from a small fridge, can coolers, chairs, and anything else you could imagine.

(Dave Diehl displayed his 1995 Cobra R at the event)

The tour through the transmission plant had several thousand transmissions in it.  I have never seen so many transmission's in my life. The plant was very BIG and very clean. As the tour ended,  free cake and refreshments were provided to everyone by Ford Motor Company.  Yum Yum. =0)
We definitely need some more members in this area, but we had a blast. Dave and Dean have awesome race cars. Let me tell ya. If you get a chance to check them out, please do so.  Hopefully one of these days I can get a chance to meet more people in the club at a show some where.
Story by
Kerry Miller
Rossburg, Ohio


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