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If you have some experience with a frequently asked question and would like to submit it, feel free to email Tony with your info. 

Q:  How do I get my Ford SVT Certificate of Authenticity for my Cobra?
Answer:    Please call 1-800-FORD-SVT and submit your VIN number.  Your certificate should take about two to three weeks to be mailed to you.
Q:  I have not received any SCMC private mailbox messages in more than a week.  Who do I contact?
Answer:  If you have not received messages from the private mailing list in more than three weeks, please e-mail Tony at tony@svtcobraclub.com and verify your correct e-mail address.  (Note:  If your personal mailbox is full, Yahoo Groups will automatically bounce you from the mailing list groups.)

Q.  What gears are best for my SVT Cobra?

A.  If you own a 1993-1995 Mustang Cobra then the SCMC has agreed that 3:73's are the best gear for your car.  If you own a 1996 - present Modular Mustang Cobra then the best gears for it are 4:10's.

Q.   Will 10.5" AFS Cobra R style wheels with 315/35
tires fit on the rear of my 96 - 98 Cobra?

A.   Yes they will but a here are a few hints to make it easier.  It requires flipping the quad shocks, massaging the emergency brake bracket, and slightly adjusting rear exhaust for added clearance.

Q.   I ordered from Steeda a cobra grill emblem to replace the pony. Seems the pony is bracket mounted with star screws, but the star screws have a post in them.  As a result, a normal 5/32 star head does not fit.  Is that a standard head that can be bought for a power screw driver, and if not how do I get them out?

A.   The star screws you are referring to are called "Torx bits" and can be purchased at any local automotive store like Advance Auto, Autozone, or Sears.  These tamper resistant bits have a hole in the middle that the post fits into.  The set should be less than 10 bucks and you'll need the T25 to get the screws out.

Q.  What PSI do you normally run in your tires?  If have 245/45/17 and the MAX tire pressure is 44 PSI.  What should you run in these?

A.  In general, you'll run lower pressure for traction and higher pressure for mileage. On the street, you may want to run about 35-37 front and 30-34 rear. On the drag strip, most will go up to 37-40 front and 15-18 rear. On the track many use 35-39 front and 33-35 rear. Again, all this depends on wear patterns on the tires, the track, weather, and other things. This is on 35 psi MAX tires. With 44 psi MAX tires, you can likely add a couple psi to these numbers, but keep an eye on them for wear and adjust them as needed. The rears will usually wear in the center and the fronts will usually wear on the edges. If they are the same size rotate them about every 6-8K miles or whenever you see a difference in wear patterns.


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