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cobrabitn 06-28-2009 10:17 PM

Posting Your Event In This Section
SCMC is happy to see other clubs post their events in our event section so we can share with others our passion for the Ford Mustang. If you are a legitimate car club and wish to post your event please feel free to do so. We will check to see if your car club is legitimate and will let you know if we approve of your posting your event.

Currently, the only club allowed to post here are MCA chapters and SAAC.

If you are a business then you will have to pay an advertising fee to post in this section. If you post without our permission, your post will be deleted, period! If you post your event a second time without our permission then you will be banned from the board and will no longer be able to post.

We do events for the promotion of our club and other clubs like us. As a business, where you are in it to put money in your pocket for personal gain, you will either have to pay to advertise in our forums or you will not be allowed to use this section of the bulletin board.

NO Exceptions!

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