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cobrabitn 06-13-2016 08:41 AM

News 6-13-16
Dear Friends of The National Mustang Museum,

Forty days ago, the Mustang Nation learned that The National Mustang Museum was being built in Concord, North Carolina with plans to open in the Summer of 2017. The first step of building The National Mustang Museum, after obtaining the proper building permits, is the actual ground breaking of the site. To commemorate the first step in building The National Mustang Museum, we are inviting the Mustang Nation to join us for the Ground Breaking Ceremony.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony is a limited ticketed event with a Friday Mustang Display and evening Banquet on July 29th at the Cabarrus Arena. The actual Ground Breaking Ceremony will be Saturday morning, July 30th, at the future site of the National Mustang Museum. All proceeds will benefit The National Mustang Museum.

As a Friend of the National Mustang Museum we invite you to come Friday and bring your Mustang(s) to the Cabarrus Arena for our Mustang display starting at noon. The Friday evening Banquet, will include industry guest speakers along with city officials. The doors will open at 6PM for no host cash bar, with dinner beginning at 7PM, at the Cabarrus Arena Event Center.

You will need to know exactly where the Ground Breaking Ceremony is on Saturday. It will be on the future grounds of the National Mustang Museum which will be at 60 Pitt School Road. Our future location is approximately two miles north of Charlotte Motor Speedway and approximately 700 feet west of Highway 29, the Old Concord Highway. Yes, that is the actual address and location of The National Mustang Museum! The Official National Mustang Museum sign will be going up soon.

By coming to the Ground Breaking Ceremony you will be one of the few in the Mustang Nation that will be able to say "I was there before the National Mustang Museum was built!" We will have limited parking and the only way to insure you will be able to attend is to sign up early.

As we said above, this information is being sent to all of the Friends of the National Mustang Museum before the rest of the Mustang World is made aware of the event. We are giving the Friends of the National Mustang Museum the first opportunity to register for the Ground Breaking Ceremony Event. Be sure to look at your inbox on Friday, June 17th for information on how to register on line or by mail.

Thank you for being a Friend of the National Mustang Museum. Don't forget to check the website at for all the latest information.

See you there.

The National Mustang Museum Staff

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