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Question TKO 600 - Cover Leak

I have a Tremec TKO 600 R in a Mustang that I road race. The top, forward most access cover, leaks past the threaded bolt holes, and leaks enough that it must be fixed. I’ve tried to seal it with thread sealer (same as I’ve used for crankshaft/flywheel bolts that seal oil). But it leaked. Gasket maker and thread sealer have both failed.

Gasket sealer I believe is just too thick to seal the threads; the thread sealer (a kind of pipe dope) seems to fail just due to the transmission fluid weakening it.

If you know this transmission, these bolts thread through the top of the case such that the bottom of the bolt hole is exposed to the fluid. I don’t know if this threaded bolt hole leaks during high speed turns or if it is just high speed flat out running that causes the leak.

The vent is not blocked and seems to function fine. So my question is: What might I use to seal these threads? It must stand up to high heat of the case and very hot transmission fluid.

I’m positive the cover itself is not leaking, it is absolutely fluid getting “wicked up” the bolt hole or pressurized and pushed up the bolt hole. But I don’t really believe it is getting pressurized, still I do plan to modify the vent and add a catch tank and perhaps a second vent tube in this particular cover.

Suggestions welcome; link to a pic is below. The pic does make the leak appear very trivial, but note that the leak is enough that it coats the left undercarriage, shock, exhaust, and rear end, it also makes small puddles. It must be one or more ounces after a full race.

What I don’t get is how the transmission itself has so little fluid on it, yet the undercarriage gets a coating. It’s confusing. I’m sure the air turbulence is moving small amounts over large areas, just odd.
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