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Going road racing; E85 Coyote swap

I am taking the next step towards American Iron, a Coyote swap. I will be selling the Termi motor (just rebuilt) and accessories, wheels & tires, radio, A/C, dash & gauges, etc. Anyone interested? Where is the best place to post/sell these parts?

Terminator Engine, just rebuilt: New crank, pistons, rings, exhaust valves, etc.

Includes: AccuFab Throttle Body & Inlet, CAI, 3.10 Pulley, new harmonic balancer, intercooler with upgraded intercooler pump, rear cylinder cooling kit, 170 deg thermostat, BBK long tube headers, Bassani X-pipe with new cats, Steeda cat-backs

Also: MAC catted H-pipe and cat-backs & stock H-pipe and cat-backs

Will also sell: OEM chrome wheels with g-Force Comp-2 tires, stock K-member, full-comp Steeda springs and Tokico D-spec adjustable shocks, stock springs and shocks, Mach 460 stock radio & speakers, A/C compressor, steering wheel and airbag, passenger airbag, dash and gauges, seatbelts, OEM spare tire and jack, etc.

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