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Arrow 2015 Waterford Hills Open Track Day schedule

Waterford Hills Raceway
Clarkston, Michigan

Dates for 2015:
We have 7 Open track days this season!
*3 pack and full season discount packages are available

Typical Event
  • Events start at 7:00am for registration and tech inspections.
  • 9:00am driver's meeting and novice instruction
  • Vehicles on course at 10:00am
  • Lunch at 12:30
  • Track secured at 6:00pm.
How do we make up the run groups?
  • We usually have 5 run groups made up of 16 drivers
  • Each group is scheduled to get 4 sessions during the day
  • Each session will be ~15 to 20 minutes
  • Drivers are split up into groups based on experience.
What kind of equipment do I need?
  • A vehicle that can pass a basic safety inspection (Contact me about restrictions on convertibles, open wheel, Truck, SUV and Hybrids)
  • A SNELL rated helmet that’s 2000 or newer (We have rental helmets available at the track if you don't have one)
  • No special tires are required!
I'm new to this!
  • Everyone was new at one point!
  • We have basic instruction in the morning
  • Club drivers can provide one on one instruction when available
  • Track day people are Awesome! Pretty much anyone at the track will be happy to help, or come find me and I'll introduce you to an experienced driver
  • I've been collecting lots of information and posting it in our forums… check it out here: Waterford Hills Road Racing ? Forums
  • Send me an email and I'll get any other questions answered ASAP!

Check out our website or the registration site for more information:
Waterford Hills Road Racing
Waterford Hills |

Feel free to contact me directly via email or PM if you have any questions!

Ed Frank
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