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Talking I think I fixed it!

I think I fixed it! I finally was able to get the kick panel off and get to the ECM. After much coaxing I was able to get the ECM out. When I did I found the Superchip was not seated correctly on the ECM. Further investigation found there was corrosion on both the Chip's contacts and the edge connector on the ECM. I cleaned them up with some Radio Shack Contact Cleaner and a toothbrush. Once I was happy with that, I re-seated the chip and then held it in place firmly with Gorilla Tape. Put it back in, crossed my fingers and she started. Ever since then, about 2 weeks now, she has been running pretty good. I do plan on adding the Hi-Flow Cats and getting a proper tune next spring but for now I'm going to save my money. Thanks for all of your feedback and advice. Spiney-Dave
1996 SVT Cobra Blk / Blk 39K miles.

245 40ZR 17 Firehawk tires mounted on Ford Racing Cobra 17 X 9 chrome wheels, Super Chip, Flowmaster H pipe w/3 chambers and stainless steel tips, B&M short throw shifter, K&N air filter system, Optimal Red Top battery,Hawk performance brake pads. Have all original parts

Previous Stangs in order. 67 CP 6 Cyl 3 Spd, 68 Cp 6 Cyl Auto, 70 FB 302 4V Auto, 82 GT 5.0 HO T-Top 5spd TRX, 70 Mach-1 351-C 780 Holley, Hurst 4 spd Louvers, all purchased cheap except 82 GT purchased new. Very sorry I no longer own them especially the Mach-1.
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