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Joining the E-mail List

Guidelines to follow for joining the SCMC mailing list:

1) Please refrain from personal attacks on others or their vehicles.

2) Please do not forward advertisements or other topics of discussion that are not automotive related.

3) Please do not forward chain letters or hoaxes.

4) If your e-mail message can not be previewed in its entirety by the moderator it will not be forwarded to the mailing list.

5) Be aware of the download time for pictures as well as size. Pictures should be used for illustrative purposes only and should be pertinent to the subject of the mailing list. Yahoo groups can only handle 100kb of information.

6) Make it fun!

**If you agree to abide by these Guidelines then please fill in your address below**


You must be an SCMC member in order to join our technical mailing list. The list will provide you with all sorts of technical information about your SVT Cobra! To join the SCMC, go to: http://www.scmcstore.com/store/home.php?cat=1

Expect about 25-30 messages a month. Go Here to learn how to put your e-mails in a separate folder..


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