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Member's Cars


Instructions on how to upload your photos to the SCMC Snakepit:

In order to upload pictures in the SCMC Snakepit, your registration status must be set to "SCMC member". If you are currently showing "registered user" then you will need to e-mail tony@svtcobraclub.com or firme@svtcobraclub.com so we can change it to “SCMC member” status.

· Go to the forums at www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/ and "register" if you are not already registered. There is a link on the forums page that shows “register”. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail once we approve your forum registration, you may also be set to “SCMC member” status at this point.

· After registering, click to the left on the link at the top bar "User CP"

· Scroll down and click on the link "Edit My SCMC Snakepit"

· Go to the button at the bottom "browse", this will allow you to pull the car/license plate photos from your computer.

· Click the "submit" button for each photo you upload. When finished, click the button "View my garage" and you can then see your photos.

· You can do this everytime you want to add or modify your Snakepit. Please note that the current link to "member's cars" has been redirected to the Snakepit.

· Let us know if you have any problems?

· Remember, you will be set back to "registered user" if your membership expires and your photos will be removed from the Snakepit.

· Continue on to the Snakepit: http://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/vbgarage.php



SCMC Management Team


Updated 12/01/2008

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